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Akash Ganga Courier service has a major role in our lives today. But trusting our stuff with the system is a bit worrisome for some of us. Akash Ganga Courier Tracking understands this thing. And thus, AGC online tracking system provides its clients with the best deal of courier shipping.

With a history of 22 years, Akash shipway has established 1809 franchisees with seven thousand pin codes all over the country.

You can check your courier location anytime anywhere through the website of Akash Ganga Courier (AGC).


How to track your courier in Akash Ganga?

Akash Courier Tracking gives its users a specific number for each parcel which is known as the AWB number. In order to keep yourself aware of your parcel, you can use this number along with a pin code to check the position of your courier.

Following are some of the steps to follow to check your parcel status online.

  • Look at the top corner of the website
  • You will see two boxes at the right corner
  • Box 1 showing “Enter AWB No.” Track
  • Box 2 saying “Enter PIN Code” Search
  • Put your AWB No. and PIN code
  • Enter for search and you get your details
  • akash ganga courier tracking

Fields covered by Akash Ganga Courier: 

Although Akash Ganga Courier Tracking started with Textile products initially and by now it serves for about 40% of this industry in most parts of the country. But this is no way to end here. Akash Ganga track covers almost every field vital to everyday life. Below are some highlighted fields of life that Akash Ganga deals in.

Finance: Money, bank, economics and insurance is one important part of life and Akash Courier makes it easy and convenient for you to receive and deliver safely.

Education: Be it books, notes, journals or any other print media, AGC will help you with its quick delivery.

Pharmaceuticals: Health is wealth as it is a fact and Akash courier is not back in doing this service to the humanity through its safe and secure delivery system.

Other than the above mentioned fields, Akash Ganga courier deals in a vast range of zone with diverse services.
AGC has made its position amongst the top courier services in India. 

Products of Akash Courier:

The expanded need of different customers stretches up the level of products provided by AGC keeping in mind the spread of industry in every segment both in rural and urban area. 

The products offered by AGC consists of:

  1. Akash Ganga Express services
  2. AGC Air and Surface Cargo
  3. AGC International
  4. OLT Regular, Premium & ODA

Regular: This product launch makes AGC stand ahead of other courier services. OLT guarantees the delivery within 24 hours with a cent percent reliable supply.

Premium: Akash Ganga Courier Tracking provides you its services with money back guarantee with this product in case of late delivery per any chance.

ODA: ODA stands for “Out of area Delivery”. In view of development in small towns and rural area of the country Akash Ganga launched this product to assure the delivery at such places with the same speed as that of premium.

Services of Akash Ganga Courier:

There are two main types of services usually required to fulfill the needs of the customers.

  • Courier:  The basic usage materials in day to day life of both office and household are parceled and received through courier service of Akash Ganga.
  • Cargo: Big shipment goods are send through cargo service of the company.

*Each of the above service includes various service types to cover up for basic as well as premium requirements.

International services of AGC:

Akash Ganga Courier Company is proud to have accomplished international access and therefore is happy to announce international services both in courier and cargo.

International courier services

 Salient Features:

  • It is among the fastest courier system
  • The OLT ODA service makes it the safest
  • The delivery system is very much on time
  • The system is available 24/7
  • About 3000 delivery centers
  • Punctuality is a key feature
  • Over 4000 branches

Vision, Mission and Strength of AGC:

Every company has its dream goal set keeping the customers service at top and so does Akash Ganga Courier Tracking. 

But Wait! We think a little forward than the rest.

Vision: To educate and promote responsible citizen contribution in corporate society. Also add to the existing services in a better way. 

Mission: Our mission is to be the preference of clients. To be technology innovative with value added services par excellence.

Strength: Our strength lies in the relationship with our customers. The trust between client and company is the asset of AGC. However, there is a longer list of things that differentiate us from other companies. Below are few mentioned:

  • Tested and verified business model
  • Network of 1809 channel partners
  • Dedication and professionalism
  • Competent management
  • Cultural values respect
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Cost effectivity
  • Safe delivery

Our Clients in Akash Ganga Courier:

We deal with many national and international clients which is a proof of the trust and reliability of the services we provide. These are the clients which are connected with us forever. The bond between the company and the clients is based on tried and tested work experience and collaboration.

Some of our renowned clients include:

  1. Airtel
  2. Gypsum
  3. Leighton 
  4. Posco India
  5. Reliance Industries
  6. Jubilant Consumer Products
  7. ACCIL
  10. TATA SKY

Akash Ganga (AGC) Customer Care Center Network:

Akash Ganga has a large number of branches and franchisees as it is a well spread courier network. Consequently to look for its customers better help and care, AGC has established customer care centers in various parts of the country. Thus any kind of info related to the shipment of the courier can easily be accessed by the customers.

Akash Ganga Courier Limited has the record of 10,000,000 deliveries a year.

Corporate Office of Akash Ganga Courier:

The corporate office of AGC is located at DELHI: 1310-11-12, D.B Gupta Road Karol Bagh New Delhi 110005


The office for collection of general information is situated at EASTERN REGION HUB: Kolkata: 26/4A, Armenim Street, Ground floor, Jhagra Kothi, Kolkata.

Whereas, the Vice President for Eastern Region is: Mr. Subhash Singhi

Regional Offices of Akash Ganga :

There are a total number of six regional offices in the main regions of the country.

BANGALORE: The address for this office is G-57 Hameed Shah Complex, Cuban Pet, Main Road, Bangalore.

MUMBAI: This office is located at 44, Adarsh Industrial Estate, Sahar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai.

CHENNAI: The location of regional office Chennai is No.25, 2nd Floor, 29-30, Rattan Bazaar Electric Market Chennai. 

JAIPUR: It is situated in the area of Bichun Ka Bagh G-1, Radha Govind Chamber Sansar Chand Road, Jaipur.

BIKANER: This office address is K-9, 1st Floor, Khajanchi Market KEM Road, Bikaner.

SURAT: The office of Surat region is at 25, Reshamwala Market, Ring Road, Surat.

Contact Numbers of Some Franchisees:


Phagwana, Punjab, India

Closes 10PM · +91 93560 38030

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Closes 10PM +91 161 261 4152

Amritsar, Punjab, India

Closes 10PM · +91 90236 18921

Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Closes 8PM · +91 181 657 7598

Batala, Punjab, India

Closes 6PM · +91 98556 10168

Nawan Sahar, Punjab, India

Closes 10PM · +91 98888 26360

Abohar, Punjab, India

Closes 10PM · +91 98884 47068


Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 154 244 2605

Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 96728 03958

Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 1552 231 163

Sangria, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 92616 09131

Sardarshahar, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 98281 19434

Raisingh Nagar, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 80945 00006

Sadul Shahar, Rajasthan, India

Closes 10PM · +91 90246 38816

Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Closes 7PM +91 291 263 7399

Himachal Pradesh:

Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India

Closes 10PM · +91 92167 31881


Hisar, Haryana, India

Closes 10PM · +91 94670 93123


Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002, India

Closes 6PM +91 79 3291 7498


Pune, Maharashtra 411002, India

Closes 9:30PM +91 97647 42439

Madhya Pradesh:

Indore, Madhya Pradesh 462001, India

Closes 10PM +91 93024 36368


Nalganda, Abids, Hyderabad, India

Closes 10PM +91 93920 10692

Uttar Pradesh:

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

Closes 8PM   +91 120 426 6223


Rajputpara, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001, India

Closes 9PM   +91 281 223 9560

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. How can I track Akash Ganga Courier?

You can track down your courier details by following simple steps.

Enter your AWB number in the search bar of the website and press Track.

A new page displays showing details of your shipment with location and time.

Q2. What is AWB Number?

AWB number is the consignment code that is provided to the customers for keeping track of the courier.

Q3. How long does it take for a normal delivery?

It generally takes 24 hours working day for a normal delivery.

Q4. Does it charge extra for ODA (out of area delivery)?

Yes, it does. But has money back guarantee in case of late delivery.

Q5. Can I get respond through email?

Yes. A 24/7 email system is available for customer care in case they don’t want to contact directly.


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