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Everyone is well familiar with ANGELA GAME and her many games that gives user experience and beautiful replies. Right from talking back to whatever you tell her and many makeover games is the reason behind its popularity. With the popularity of the virtual talking tom games, here comes the sequel to Angela game with some fresh and exciting stuff.


From the makers of Outfit7, Angela game or my talking Angela 2 is a treat to all those who loved the original version. You must be wondering why the makers came up with a sequel when they already have one game. The reason is that everyone needs new and fresh things in life thus it is a redesign version to take Angela to a whole new level.

Starting with revamp singing styles to dancing on your favorite songs, angela 2 is a breeze of endless possibilities. Moreover, you can explore exciting new places and give an infinite number of gorgeous makeovers to Angela. Most importantly, she is ready to take you over with a fun and exciting ride by following her in her journey.


How to download free Angela game

Angela game is an easy to install app and does not require much effort or space to have unlimited fun. You only need to have an internet connection and a smartphone or computer to enjoy seamless Angela activities. Follow the step wise download process and get the most of Angela on your devices.

  • Click on the download button on your computer or mobile screen.
  • When you press it, it will pop up a window for confirmation to start the downloading process.
  • Press ‘ok’ and the download will begin which may take a minute or two.
  • After download is complete, the system will automatically start the installation process.
  • The computer will show you notification as soon as the installation is complete.
  • Now, you are ready to enjoy all the beautiful things that Angela is having all alone. So, join her and make the best of your experience with her.

Some promotional features

Angela is a free game thus it includes some promotional activities to support the developers. For instance, you will see promotion of Outfit7’s products and advertisements during the game. Further, you can witness redirect links to other apps and websites and personalized content that requires cash. The game offers options to make in app purchases that require virtual currency depending on user progress. Furthermore, if you don’t have any virtual cash, you can opt for real money spending options to enhance your gaming experience.

Angela game and her comeback

She is back with a bang because she is here with some brand new styles and offers that can add a whole lot of fun to your games. She is fun, have more number of songs and additional dance routines to give you a wholesome experience. With a brand new house in a new town which needs makeover and branding, she is ready to make new friends.

So, give her your love and support and lend her a hand to take her home and life to a whole new level. Mind you, she has a kitchen full of snacks and unlimited gaming consoles to keep you entertained. Thus, join her in the adventure to make fashionable statements by giving her new hairstyles every time. The possibilities are endless with the new version because it boasts of unlimited items.

As she is back in town, there are many things you can do to make her happy and enjoy yourself. Practice dance moves, checkout the sweet shops or bake your own cakes. You can have all the fun all by yourself along with Angela and her gorgeous looking house. Thus, where ever she goes, accomplice her and make her your best friend.

Exciting features of Angela game

New games

Angela loves new challenges and new games that can keep her excitement level high. Thus, there are a number of new games to keep Angela happy this time. Games like crazy puzzles, wacky bugs and many in house mini games are a fresh addition to this series. You can try donut spin and other games as well to develop motor skills or challenge your abilities on the go.

Endless makeover styles

Angela is a fashion geek and anyone who follows her is certainly one fashionista. To create glam looks for her, she has an entire room that is purely dedicated to styling. Abundant with makeup and accessories and wardrobes, it is a station to have mind blowing makeovers. So, invent new makeup games and looks and make some outstanding appearances at gatherings.

Need for new friends

In the new city, Angela is all alone to make friends therefore take her to new places and let her make new friends. With all the fun going on, keep any eye on her food and nap time because she needs that the most. After all a true friend can know all these things and arrange the fun that she enjoys with her.

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If fashion games and stylish life is your favorite hobbies then Angela game is your ultimate place. Create new looks, make new friends, exude gorgeous outfits and have all around you. With talking Angela, you can make all this happen and simultaneously talk back to Angela to keep connected to her all the time.

I am sure these features would be enough to keep you hooked to Angela who never misses to outclass everyone. Thus, download the game and have fun experience all the way by proving the best friend of Angela. Trust me; you will not regret a single moment that you spend with her.


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