Aragami : A Unique Shadow Warrior Game 

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This game lets you play as Aragami the vengeful spirit that has the ability to manage the shadows. You’ve been summoned to the world by AIMCO who is a prisoner in Kikuyu’s fortress city. Explore a dark and somber journey that is full of blood and mysteries to find out the truth about Aragami. Enter the city of Kikuyu by using your supernatural abilities and battle Light and Shadow with supernatural powers.

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Explore the story of twin souls whose fate is eternal and beyond time in this open-world adventure. In this game, the player is Aragami the shadow spirit trying to complete the entire thirteen chapters in a chronological order.

You can complete each chapter by going to certain areas to gather items or remove obstacles prior to getting to the exit of the level. Aragon can travel to any area of the map within a specified radius, where a shadow casts about twin souls tied by destiny that transcends memory and time.

Key Features of Aragami Shadow Warrior

In creating shadows, you’ll be invisible so you can find targets by moving from shadow to shadow. Your adversaries can be destroyed with a range options Shadow Powers. Every scenario and circumstance can be handled in a different manner. Use your diverse skills to create the supreme shadow assassin.

The player could take on the role of a ruthless death emissary, or an unrecognizable ghost. You will decide your story. The secret to your existence is AIMCO the mysterious girl who called you, and is the only way to defeat Kahlo, the light army.

Recover AIMCO an elusive girl who has brought you back to life and saved you from Kahlo the light army. Release AIMCO and discover the mysteries of your history. Learn a variety of shadow techniques that enable you to control your targets, sneak around them, and then kill them without being noticed.

Information About Aragami

Version: 500. 00

Size: 3.3 GB

Updated: march 2020

Requirements: Android phone, iOS

Get it on: Play store-mobile, PC, Online

Developer: Lince work

Category: an action-adventure stealth video


Game Aragami is an action-adventure stealth video game that was developed released by Lance Works for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS and Nintendo Switch. The game was initially titled Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows. The player plays Aragami assassin, who has supernatural powers. He is in the midst of a hostile army known under the name Kahlo. This army is composed of mythical warriors that can manipulate the light.

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