Battlefield 1: Award winning video game

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You’ll have the chance to play a variety of battles throughout Battlefield 1, including tight urban warfare within the midst of besieged French city. Moreover, you can witness heavily fortified mountain forts within the Italian Alps as well as frantic battles in the deserts of Arabia.

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While you travel across the air, land, and ocean, you’ll be required to employ innovative weapons and vehicles, and alter your strategies to create huge destruction. Take on Battlefields 1 to experience the beginning of the all-out war. Enjoy the dawn of all-out war in battlefield 1.

Explore a world in conflict or engage in epic multiplayer battles against up to 64 players in one of the most thrilling combats of Battlefield history. The game is set in a future world that has been reshaped by chaos. It requires you to adapt to a changing battlefield with the most cutting-edge vehicles and weapons.

Battlefield 1 gameplay

The game is available as a standalone game or part of the Battlefield 1 premium pass. With Battlefield 1 Apocalypse, explore the most horrific and notorious battles during the First World War in this live-action game. Take on the bloody terrain of Passchendaele which is awash with blood and mud, as you huddle between dugouts buried in the ground and tattered ruin sites.

Then, you’ll be sent through the fields of wheat in the Somme when the battlefield turns into hell on earth due to the devastating artillery barrage. When the Austro-Hungarian as well as Italian armies clash in Caporetto in a bitterly contestable area, battles take place in the mountain trenches close to the Isonzo river.

Take part in cataclysmic dogfights over two maps Razor’s Edge and London Calling and be a knight in the skies in the latest game modes Air Assault.

Main features of battlefield 1

It’s the first time Battlefield is back since 2013, and putting players in historical combat using the expertise of veteran developers. The player has the option of choosing from four different core types that are available in Battlefield 1, each serving one specific function and is essential in the fight to win. It is possible to leap into battle as the Assault Class, the master of explosives, and close combat.

If you’re looking to destroy an armored vehicle or knock down your adversaries with the bayonet in a spirited attack to win these guys are equipped with the most effective equipment. The Medics are accountable for healing allies as well as repairing their vehicles, and also protecting them with guns in the event of need.

A scout enjoys sneaking around to take out enemies with rifles that snipe and also provide information to allies via flare gun displays that show enemies in the map. Additionally, there’s an organization called the Support Corps, who provide the ever important hail of bullets through the barrels in their rapid-fire guns and deep pockets to replenish the supply of the allied forces.

The most top classes can be found as pickups in the map and transform your army into one man. As a Flame Trooper, you’ll blow up your enemies out of their trenches and then burn them to ashes while they attempt to take you down. Choose the equipped Sentry capable of killing enemies by using a powerful machine gun, which requires special cooling.


It is an action-oriented first-person shooter game created by DICE and released through Electronic Arts. The game was released in the world to Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21 on the 21st of October. The game is the fifteenth installment of the Battlefield series, and the first main entry to be released since Battlefield 4.

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