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Bit Life simulators mod apk is an all new life simulation game where you take control of a small robot living in a world full of dangerous animals. The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible and collect as many resources as you can. You are free to roam around the 3D environment collecting resources to craft items and create items to help you escape from the deadly creatures.

 There are plenty of things to discover and collect in this game, including different types of animal, plants and minerals, which you can combine to make useful items and tools to help you survive. You can download it for free from here.The Bit Life-Life Simulator mod apk game is one of the best life simulator games where you can experience everything related to life in one app.

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 You will be surprised by its realistic graphics and amazing gameplay. The game has over 1000 levels with amazing gameplay that will make you addicted to it.If Life is the latest game for android smartphone with great graphics and amazing gameplay! You are given the opportunity to build your life in your very own way. Choose the lifestyle you want, from city life to camping or jungle life, or perhaps live on a desert island. 

You may be poor or rich, but you can always get ahead with a lot of hard work. And all this is possible with your virtual pocket money, your dream house, your car and all other nice things. You can also have a family and children with your wife or girlfriend and live happily ever after. Bit Life- Life simulators mod apk game is a fantastic android app game which helps the players to learn English by reading sentences in real-life situations. 

Features of the Bit Life- Life simulators mod apk

The game is easy to use with just 4 main features: 

  1. Read & Listen. 2. Read & Write. 3. Grammar Check. 4. Spelling Check.

– You can make your own food at home

– Various things in the game like shop for groceries, or go to the restroom

– The app is very well designed

– Can get a job easily

– Get a part time job

 – Buy everything in the shop

– The shop is fully stocked with everything you need

– Go to the bathroom, go shopping or go to sleep

– Fun to play

– Lots of different activities

– Lots of choices

– Get stuck in the game

– See what it’s like to be a real person

– Play as any gender (male/female)

– There is plenty of fun to be had in this game

– It’s addictive, so once you start playing it’s hard to stop!

– You can choose between 4 different characters

– Buy or sell goods using coins

– Earn money

Additional Information

Version:  3.1,9

Size: 128M

Updated: May 1- 2022

Requirements: Android phone, iOS

Get it on: Play store-mobile, PC, 

Offered by: Candy writer, LLC

Developer: @ Candy writer, LLC

Category: Simulation


Bit Life- Life simulators mod apk game is one of the most amazing games of this year. The game is played by controlling a character with the help of the touch screen of your phone. Bit Life- Life simulators mod apk is a free android game based on the life simulator genre. This game has been designed and developed by one of the biggest gaming studios in Europe and North America, E-LOGIC STUDIOS. With this game you will find an open world, where you can walk and explore with your friends, meet new people and make new friends.

The Bit Life is an app that gives the user a realistic life simulation where they have to work, study, socialize and even go to the bathroom. If you like to play games, then this one will keep you glued to your phone. There are plenty of options to do in this game from a full-featured restaurant to a convenience store.

Bit Life- Life simulators mod apk game is the most realistic life simulator game that has been created in 2018. The game is free to play and includes all the features you would expect from a life sim game but with a twist. There are over 2 million active users, and the game is available in 10 languages and in 4 different regions.

Bit Life was designed to bring a new generation of life simulators to the Android community. The game is a mix of simulation, adventure and strategy elements with different life forms that will live in our world. Bit Life is a life simulator where you get to experience the life of people in the most realistic way. You can meet new people and have a great time while experiencing a life full of challenges, fun, excitement, and even sorrow.


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