CarX Highway Racing MOD APK – v1.70.1(Unlimited Money)

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CarX Highway Racing MOD APK – a new race with really beautiful graphics and physics! The game was basis on the CarX Drift Racing, and has great functionality, all models of cars elaborated out to the smallest detail, compete with friends and run away from the police!

Being humans we all dream about  many different and adventurous things in life. In this category,  driving is usually on the top of the list. Car-X Highway Racing  APK is so common that people spend hours on thinking of driving expensive cars on beautiful wide roads and getting the most of this adventurous hobby.
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it’s not just about driving cars but also it sparks the adventurous self within us who loves racing. And, who would love to race on the most daring and amazing tracks in this world with the best racing cars to heighten the experience.

But Wait!

It may be the dream of most individuals but not everyone can do this because such driving requires skill and experience. And, if there is no skill or experience then it may also be dangerous for the drivers participating with them or the rest of the people around them. Thus, in order to fulfill one’s hobby of racing and driving while keeping in mind the safety of the people around us, gaming comes to the rescue!

Different gaming apps like Car X highway racing and highway racer 3d and its  specially designed for such purposes.

Thus, ensuring the safety and desire fulfilling of the people, CarX Highway Racing  APK has been created for this very purpose. So, the players can fulfill their desires and passion about the speed while also not physically hurting anyone around them. So download carX highway racing and satisfy all your needs for racing. As this game is designed by using the latest technology therefore the experience that the players go through is as real as possible.

Free Download CarX Highway Racing  APK

When it comes to using different apps and games etc., people mostly opt for apps that are free of cost. The reason for this is that people usually don’t use just one app but instead use many of them. Therefore, they cannot afford to buy every single one of them. Keeping the above situation in mind, the CarX Highway Racing developers have developed this game free of cost. Thus, people of all ages and categories can enjoy this game to the fullest! Anytime and anywhere, which is an amazing thing right?

Features of Real Racing  Apk

Honestly, The CarX Highway Racing rider apk brings you so much that you can’t even imagine. Some amazing features by using the latest technology that brings you an experience that you have never had before! Thus, the game developers have worked really hard in creating a masterpiece for you so that you can get the best and real most experience.

Providing you the latest cars, beautiful tracks, roads, and a number of new highways, competing with rivals, escaping from the police, and so much more. Plus, another great fact about this game is that there are no rules! Yes, you heard me right, no rules of any sort so it’s just you and your wildest dreams come true. All you have to do is to buckle up, avoid the police, and hit that accelerator.

As you play along

you will earn extra unlimited money and gold by completing different tasks, competitions, and missions. Moreover, the cash is there to help you upgrade your car and buy the latest dream sports cars available. Adding more to it, here are some of the amazing features of this game so let’s see!

Some Amazing Cars

Believe it or not, the cars used in CarX Highway Racing are derived from the cars in real life. This has been done so that you can have real-life experiences while driving some of the greatest car brands such a Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and Lamborghini, etc.

So, all you have to do to get to drive these amazing cars are win different tournaments, complete different tracks, go on long rides, and survive competitions to unlock these cars.

Real Graphics

With the help of the latest technologies and expertise, the graphics used in this game are highly real and give you a life-like experience. The game developers have worked really hard on it and thus provided you with graphics that have been polished to the utmost perfection. Adding more to the graphics, the racing effects in the game are also delivered very beautifully. Surely. From every spark in the air to every piece of smoke flying from the exhaust, all the detailing is superb.

When the car is broken or damaged, the effects also make it look very real. Also, the tracks provided in CarX Highway Racing are exactly like real highways which make this game even more unique as the players get a chance to experience driving on real highways, racing between normal vehicles and trying to avoid unnecessary accidents, escaping from the police, and so on.

Real Sound Effects

Since the graphics add all the versatility to this game, sound effects also can’t be ignored in this case. From the sound of tires burning against the road to the starting of the engine, the sudden screeches or the colliding of your car with other vehicles and the police sirens, all seems so real. Thus the developers have used some amazing sound effects and game music to spice up the game even more.

Game Controls

Amazingly, since you are the driver who doesn’t just get to sit behind the wheel and drive the car. But in fact, you get to control every single aspect of your car and the race. Like from controlling the steering wheels to hitting the breaks, and customizing the speed and acceleration of the car according to your own mood.

Also tilting the screen to the left or right to move the car in the direction you want. In short, you are the master of all the controls here. With no laws to follow or rules of any sort, just pick the car of your dreams, drive through the real life-like highways, try to avoid the traffic and the police, and complete your races and tasks.

Earning Money and Gold

Keeping in mind that money makes the mayor go, CarX highway racing also works in the same way. In order to buy and upgrade to new cars, you will need cash and coins. Now where this money can be earned from, it is very simple. All you have to do is just complete the tasks given to you and win your races and competitions and earn!

Also, if you are not a very good driver or racer then the money or cash you earn only from the races isn’t enough. No need to worry, in the carX drift racing online cheats there is a certain cheat with all car codes for thumb drift that a racer can use to get the maximum number of advantages from.

Chapters and Stories

What makes this game even more fun is that there are a number of stories and chapters provided to gamers. All you have to do is select a story and character of your choice and play along. This is also another source to earn coins and cash.

Multiple Gaming 

For much greater fun, this game comes with multiple gaming  such as racing, knockout, gaming , drag racing, and multiplayer, and ghost challenges. This way you won’t get bored and it is also a great way to test your driving skills

NameCarX Highway Racing
DevelopersCarX Technologies

4.0 version or above
Size41.1MB + 346.2MB
Installs10 000 000+
Rated for3+ years
Player modeSingle/multiplayer

 Steps to Download CarX Highway Racing  APK on Android

You don’t need to worry at all about the downloading of this game. The steps are very easy. All you need is a stable internet connection, android 4.0 version or above, just open Google Play, App Store, or the play store of your device and follow these simple steps.

Step- 1 Download CarX Highway Racing Game

First of all, download the latest version of CarX Highway Racing game.

Step- 2 Enable Unknown Source

If you are downloading this game from any source other than Google Play, then the next step is to go to setting > security > device administrator > enable installation from unknown sources. Thus this will allow installation from third party sources.

Step- 3 Open File Manager

In this step, you have to go to that location where the file for Carx Highway Racing has been saved. Install it by tapping on it.

Step- 4 Installing

This is the final step. The time period for downloading the game depends on the android set that you have. Usually, it takes a few seconds but in some cases, if the android set is not up to date then it may take more than a few seconds.

Steps to Download CarX Highway Racing  APK on PC

Since we know that most people or gamers are quite fond of playing their games on their personal computers. There can be many reasons for this like perhaps they are provided with a larger screen of the PC and they can enjoy the game. Or maybe in the case of children or underage people, they might not have personal cell phones.

But, in any case, there is no need to worry at all as in the following section the steps for downloading CarX Highway Racing  APK on your personal computer have been made very easy.

  1. Download and install blueStacks on your PC.
  2. Complete the entire process of Google sign in so that you can easily access the Play store.
  3. Search for CarX Highway Racing in the search bar in Play store.
  4. Click on the file and install it.
  5. Tap on the carX highway racing icon and start playing.

How to Become the Best Racer

When it comes to racing games, we already get a chance to enhance our carx driving skills. But not everyone is pro at driving and racing. So, in order to improve the racing skills even more and experience the fun to the fullest, one must be a good racer. Thus, in order to become a pro at racing games, so that you can make sure that no one can compete with you, just follow and practice these simple few steps!

Make Use of Practice Areas

In order to become a good racer, you need to make sure to make use of the practice areas. But many people let these areas go to waste as they don’t take any advantage of it. Therefore, they can be of great help as you can go for test trials or quick races.

Perfect Your Steering

The common mistake that people commit is that they usually aren’t familiar with the steering sensitivity or they tend to take the steering wheel as if they are driving during their daily routine which is so much different than speed racing. Thus, the best way to adjust the steering wheel sensitivity is to practice on the wheel while adjusting the speed of the car that is fast driving and then suddenly dropping the speed to the lowest. All this while moving the car left or right to have nice control over your wheel.

Must-Know your Car

Getting to know your cars is also a very important factor. As CarX Highway Racing  APK is a highly realistic game with credit card options so that means that the features of all the cars in this game are also very real. Thus a good racer must know each and every feature of his cars. As this will help in knowing which cars are easy to handle and which are not, also which cars to use in the different  of the game.

Learn Proper Accelerating and Breaking

Another very important step in becoming a pro at racing is to practice speed and hitting the breaks. It is significant to handle the accelerating and breaking exercise in a much skillful way as controlling the car during a race with high speed can become quite confusing due to the sudden turns and twists of the racing track.

CarX Highway Racing Overview

In short, the CarX Drift Racing  apk ios presents some amazing features so that you enjoy each and every second of the gaming experience. Thus, it provides you with many different  and drifts racing codes to make sure that the players don’t get bored and experience the fun of the game to the fullest.

All you have to do is select a chapter or story. Choose one of your best cars in the car x drift racing, play on either an online or offline , and collect coins and cash. Plus, with buying new and spectacular cars  tools, you can have a collection of your very own to show off to your friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play carX highway racing  APK offline?

You can play this game online as well as offline thus this makes it a convenient for the users to play this game.

What is the total size of the carX highway racing  APK?

The size of the game is approximately 400 mbs which needs a minimum of 2 GB free space in your system to play it without any problems.

Can you play carX highway racing  with controller?

Yes, you can play the carx drifting games with a controller but you have to find the specific controller for it.

How do you start carX highway racing?

There are a number of tips that the game shows you when you install it. Thus, these steps can help you in understanding and starting the game easily.

Does carX highway racing have multiplayer?

No, this game does not have a multi-player  instead it has a multi gaming  that enhances your gaming experience.


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How to install CarX Highway Racing MOD APK – v1.70.1(Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CarX Highway Racing MOD APK – v1.70.1(Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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