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Skylines is a fresh version of the popular cities simulation. Skylines introduces brand new game play elements that help you learn about the excitement and challenges of building and maintaining a town while using some of the well-known tropes related to city building. Your imagination is your only limit, so get it and aim for the sky.

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You’re the leader of a city that is growing within Cities: Skylines – Windows 10 Edition beginning with the first streets, to how its residents require changes over time. Build, design and run the city you’ve always wanted from public services to its municipal policies and test yourself to transform from a small town to an urban city.

It is regarded as the top-selling managing game. Cities: Skylines is now available on Windows 10, bringing its city simulation gameplay as well as its unique style to the game. The players can design and plan for their city’s nightlife and tourist destinations using Cities: Skylines’ Windows 10 Edition, which includes the wildly popular After Dark expansion.

Main features of Cities skylines

Hello! Sunset Harbor, a fishing industry, the latest mass transit options, as well as important city services are described within Cities: Skylines. You can fly on private aircrafts and passenger helicopters through Aviation Club. Aviation Club and enhance your city’s entertainment. The game combines the vast expertise that was gained from Colossal Order in developing the Cities in Motion series into an extremely well-crafted and created urban traffic simulation.

The city’s schedule is altered throughout the day, based on the time of day. In certain zones, traffic appears to slow down during the night, and in some zones isn’t performing as they should. It is possible to control cycle of night and day with Cities: Skylines. Create improvements to existing structures and maps. After that, you can upload your own creations in the game to share with others and download the work from other builders from Steam workshop.


Create your dream city, its roads, bus lines and parks and so on. You can either choose to create an industrial revolution that is rife with pollution, or create a flourishing beach town that is powered by green energy. Provide your citizens with education health, safety, and healthcare. Do it the way you want! Test yourself with multiple levels of simulations. As you’re mayor, you’ll need to manage needs like electricity, water, education as well as firefighting, police and healthcare and the economy of your town.

The citizens of your city react quickly that keeps you up to date with the ever-changing demands. A comprehensive local traffic simulation managing traffic and accommodating the demands of the citizens who play and work is going to require multiple interconnected transportation systems, carefully designed roads and transportation methods in addition to trains, buses subways, subways, and more.


The game is based on Colossal Order’s prior Cities in Motion games that focused on the design of reliable transportation networks. The game came out in March of 2015 for Windows, macros, and Linux operating systems. Skylines: City Skylines premiered at Gamecock by the publisher Paradox Interactive on August 14, 2014.


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