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There’s a brand new type of truck that is atop an accelerating highway called “the cluster truck!” You’ll need agility and acrobatics in order to make it through the insane levels in an exciting game of “the floor is lavas” with the help of unpredictability trucks. Now add dangers such as lasers, hammers that swing as well as flamethrowers, to make this game more difficult.

Honestly, the game Cluster truck can be described as a chaotic truck race inspired by the physics. You can leap from incredible levels in the contest that plays the theme of “the floor is lavas” with people smashing you left and right. Besides, this game works on agility and has an intense jump game nature to keep the excitement alive. 

Gameplay of Cluster Truck

The idea of jumping between trucks to the next while making sure you don’t fall to the ground sounds easy. However, timing is crucial and you have to leap quickly and efficiently to get onto another truck. All you need to do is manage the right and left actions and jumps of your character. In each level, players need to perform a variety of jumps and maneuver trucks.

The player is able to control an individual character from a first person viewpoint in Cluster truck. Their goal is to leap onto the moving trucks to avoid obstacles, and avoid pile-ups of trucks and crashes. If players do not get into anything else than trucks, they’ll fail their goal of getting to the final level.

It’s simple to hop between trucks to another when they are going in a parallel line. The challenging part comes when you have to jump to the side in mid-air to get onto a truck on your right or left. Thus, this needs skill and a lot of practice. To give you the best experience, there are 35 different levels where each of them offers an additional difficulty. So, start your journey with truck jumping now.

Main features of Cluster Truck

In cluster truck, the mode of play is becoming more and more violent with each level. Gain new abilities, such as those of the Grappling Hook Truck Cannon, and Time-Control and many more. Try your best skills and get a grip over the best maneuvering techniques to beat your opponents. 

An editor for the levels of the game is also available so that you can make changes to the game according to your choice. This allows players to upload their own levels to Steam Replay ability. Furthermore, the leaderboards are online where you can show your performance to the world.


Cluster truck is an exciting game for all those who want to test their skills in maneuvering vehicles in difficult situations. With so many challenges and difficult levels, players can enjoy unique tasks and use their mind to excel in the game. So, try it and impress the world by leading the online board and challenge others along the way.

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