dragon age inquisition mod apk (& How to Install Them)

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dragon age inquisition mod apk is the third installment of game series that includes the medieval-themed continent of Thetas that was first added in Game: Origins and Dragon Age II. The game has a four-player co-op mode where players play as characters from the Inquisition. This video game Dragon Age: Inquisition was created in collaboration with Bio Ware and released in 2014.

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Bio Ware released a trailer on April 22, 2014, confirming that it would be released on October 7, 2014. The game was again delayed the 22nd of July, 2014, and it was released to the public in North America and Europe on November 18, 2014.

Gameplay of dragon age inquisition mod apk

Its gameplay is identical to the previous games but there are many open worlds that players can explore. The majority of the time, players play as their Inquisitor or their companion from a third person perspective; however the top-down view is also accessible.

The third major installment of the Dragon Age series, Inquisition is an update in the series to Dragon Age II. Players play as the Inquisitor. They are responsible for settling civil discord on Thetas, the continent Thetas and securing a mysterious gap in the sky known in the game as “Breach” that is unleashing terrifying demons across the globe.

Key features of dragon age inquisition

Although Inquisition is advertised as being an open-world game at E3.The developers swiftly explained that Inquisition isn’t one in the open-world way that The Elder Scrolls V: Sky rim, but offers more expansive areas in comparison to Origins as well as it II with more exploration options. There are 10 “open world” areas in the game.

Post-story conclusion, the gameplay continues, but not through retroactive downloads, like it was in Dragon Age II. Mounts are the very first element to be included in this series. Dragon Age II featured a dialog wheel for the very first time. The wheel also shows emotions associated with your choices of dialogue, just as it did when playing Dragon Age II.

Similar to previous installments players have the option of choosing one of three classes available in this one such as warrior, rogue or mage. The player has the option of choosing any of the four races available including human, dwarf and elf or quarry of either gender. There aren’t any body sliders that can alter the physique of a player; instead the different types of bodies are adaptable to accommodate each type of race.


The game was first released in September 2012 under the name Dragon Age III: Inquisition It was launched in November 2014 on Windows, Xbox 360 along with Xbox One. The game received acclaim from critics at the time of its release as critics raved about the game’s exploration gameplay combat visuals, writing characters, and customization.

It was among the most popular games released by Bio Ware in the commercial market. The  game has won many accolades and nominated further than one, among them Game of the Year by various gaming magazines. The story-based download Content (DLC) pack  for Inquisition are now available.


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