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FINAL FANTASY XV provides an immersive and thrilling experience which takes viewers into a world of fantasy that is based on the real life. Be ready for a journey of discovery, and discover your home. Explore the world of battle in the elements. You’ll be playing as Notes the King in the Kingdom of Lucas.

You Can Visit Clash of Clans

You’ll discover the truth and conquer every obstacle in this wide-open world. Prepare yourself for the most epic fantasy adventure. ROYAL EDITION will take the critically acclaimed epic to a completely new level with numerous add-ons and brand new features. Join in the fight with prince Notes and his most trusted companions as they fight to take back their kingdom that was destroyed.

Storyline of the game

Prince Notes on his way to get married by his fiancée Luna along with his best buddies are informed by media reports that his country is under attack. In addition, he and his beloved one, and their father, King Regis have been killed at the hands of the enemies. For Notes to uncover the truth and return to his home, his faithful friends must confront a myriad of difficulties in a stunning open world filled with massive creatures, astonishing wonders, diverse cultures and dangerous foes.

The game’s final chapter is at the very end of a brand new Dungeon which provides the ability to view Eos through the eyes of Noctuid in first-person perspective. New equipment and monsters are also on the way to come. There over 12 content items that can be downloaded including weapon sets, Regalia car skins and many item sets.

Additional information 

Your PS5 could require to be updated with the most recent software version in order to play the game. Although this game is playable on PS5 however, certain features on PS4 might not be available. An additional acquisition for FINAL FANTASYXV’s Royal Pack can be purchased. The entire collection of items in this set can be purchased separately.

A user account is required to access online features. Terms of service and privacy guidelines are in effect. One-time fees apply to the account’s primary PS4TM system as well as other PS4TM systems when logged to the account. With action-packed combat, exciting games, and vivid graphics that test the limits of the latest hardware.


It is an action-based video game that is a role-playing experience released by Square Enix. Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth installment in the series. The game of fantasy is set in the world of Eos apart from Insomnia which is the capital city of Lucas. The whole world is controlled by the Niflheim Empire that seeks to control over the mysterious Crystal which is protected by the Lucian royal family.

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