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A combination of difficult arcades and puzzle game, hill climb racing apk is a treat for risk taking gamers. The main point is to reach as far as the driver can without flipping the vehicle that leads to killing the driver. The game boasts such a physically difficult arcade that it takes a true challenger to drive as far as possible. Thus, the player has to beat the physics of the game to show his skills in moving ahead in the game.

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There are so many vehicle options starting from simple daily commuters to rough tough cars and many more. They include Jeep, bike, monster truck, tractor, van, quad bike, tourist bus, race car, police car, ambulance, fire truck, and many more. Further, there is an upgrade feature that allows you to upgrade these vehicles. Besides, if you have collected enough coins during gameplay, you can also buy many new vehicles.

The many types of vehicles need different handling procedures thus making it an exciting experience for the players. Thus, if you want to improve the performance of the vehicles or customize the cars, you can use the unlimited coins collected during playtime. In addition, you can test the performance of the car from trying on five different scenes that are the Arctic, the fields, the rocks, the desert and the moon.


Hill Climb Racing Apk

The hill climb racing apk follows the story of Newton Bill; an aspiring uphill racer. It is a physics-based driving game where the player has to help Newton in driving ahead while collecting coins and fuel tanks. Before running out of fuel, the player has to reach and collect coins and another tank. Though the hill climb race  apk is not between any players, the challenges themselves make it an interesting feat to experience the difficulties of achieving goals against odds in uphill racing  apk.

It is a very addictive and enjoyable game with a simple cartoon-style scenery arcade. The challenging part is the many levels of the game which has multiple terrains. For instance, snow road, moonscape, mountain, sand road, ice road etc. are some of them. With so many obstacles and bumps on the road, the player has to manipulate his way ahead without turning over the car. Thus, the player has to keep the vehicle from flipping and preventing the car oil from exhaustion.

You have to collect coins by moving farther and set new goals without flipping the vehicle. Thus, the more you move ahead the more you will collect gold coins and achieve a higher score. The aim of the game is to collect coins and simply achieve as high a score as possible and challenge oneself to big achievements. Moreover, you can improve your score by performing difficult aerial stunts that boosts the gaming experience.

How to Download Hill Climb Racing Apk

Now, you must be eager on how to download and install this fun game to enjoy its challenges. So, we will not delay it further and will give you the steps to download it and satisfy the challenging person in you.

  • First of all, you have to click on the ‘download’ button to start downloading the setup file of the game.
  • Once the download is completed, you have to look for the setup file in your computer or mobile that is usually in the ‘downloads’ folder.
  • After finding the setup file, click on the file and press install option which pops up as soon as you click on it.
  • Thus, the process for installation will begin and may take a while to reach 100 percent so be a little patient.
  • After the installation reaches 100 percent then Voila! You are ready to enjoy the adventures of this game.


Hill Climb Racing apk download File Information:

Name  Hill Climb Racing mod apk
Developer  Fingersoft
Version     1.48.1
Size    73 Mb
Mod featuresUnlimited Money: Spend some gems before play
RequirementAndroid 4.2+

Exciting features of hill climb racingGenres

If you are a daring young man and loves to enjoy challenges then it is the ultimate game for you. A dozen of challenges along the journey and innumerable changes choices, it makes your racing experience a hit. Moreover, we will let you know about all the features that this game offers to its players.

Fully Portable gameplay

This is a fully portable game that provides hassle free gaming experience on your computers or mobile devices. So, just open the game and enjoy hill climbing to the fullest. Moreover, you will not need an internet connection for the game play as well.

Unique physics

The unique and realistic physics that add to the toughness of the game makes it more enjoyable. These tough physics allows you to perform difficult stunts on the vehicles which are not offered by any other game.

Variety of vehicles

The game provides a number of vehicles to make your hill climbing journey an exciting one. For instance, you can ride on trucks, motorbikes, snow breaker, monster trucks, cars etc. Thus, you can challenge yourself and prove that any vehicle can help you in making you a hill climbing driver.

Unlimited car upgrades

You can choose your cars and upgrade them to improve their performance. For all these updates, you have to collect coins and spend unlimited money  in the garage to pick the upgrade options from the list. Thus, you can add a great engine, new tires and many other custom features to your vehicle.

Dozens of different tracks

With a dozen of different tracks and terrains, you can drive through multiple places and test your driving techniques. Every track will give you an endless variety of racing experience compared to other racing games.

Fully optimized gameplay

The game features a well optimized gameplay which makes it compatible for almost any device with different features. Thus, you can enjoy it on any resolution device and experience smooth hill climbing adventures.

Graphics and sounds quality

Hill climb racing offers beautiful 3D graphics with on-theme sound effects thus making it the best choice for android users. Thus, you will have the most immersive gaming experience even if you have a low end device.

Some  features

Regular fixes and updates

To give the best experience, the game occasionally introduces updates and fixes to provide latest features to android devices. Thus, you can access the newest content and enjoy the game on the go on your device.

Join millions of online players

The game also features an online competition that gives you extra fun if you want some online fun. So, try the online version and challenge your gaming skills by beating the opponents on the leaderboard.

Free to play

It is totally apk free download despite the fact that it provides so many exciting features. As a result, you can enjoy free  money apk as much as you can and explore all the features absolutely free

Unlimited gameplay

The  version provides you with racing cheats and unlimited coins for great gaming experience. All it takes is to play and collect as many coins as you can and master the skill of driving on the hills. You can spend these coins and add extra features thus making it a great game for enjoyment.


A popular game that lets you enjoy challenges and become skilled is the ultimate aim of the developers. If you are a person who likes and enjoys challenges then it is a perfect game for you. Thus, you can show your skills and beat the odds to play the game and have fun with hill climb apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download hill climb racing apk?

You can download the apk hill climb racing  by clicking on the download button on top of the screen for android or IOS.

Can I play hill climb racing on android?

Yes, it is specifically designed for android 1 device for android download. Moreover, you can enjoy it on your PC as well.

Does hill racing work on smaller devices?

Hill climb apk works on android devices that have a version 4.2 or above and provides equal experience on any phone.

It this game free?

The  for hill climb racing apk version of hill climb racing is absolutely free. To make it more exciting, you have to collect coins and add extra features to your game.



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