How to do the time trial- A complete guide on break points with tips 2021

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Here we are with yet another list of tips to help you out in time trial. The acceleration & optimal break points are the key targets. Hold on them and make records with full speed. Take all the measures before you start and then off you go.

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The guide is specifically for RSR Porsche 911. Apparently it may seem difficult but it isn’t unless you don’t know about breakpoints. Below are some of the break points that you need to consider in a time trial. Have a closer look!

Time trial break point number1:

Firstly, there is a right-left-right combo where you can launch with speed. The breaks are quite at a distance to come. Although the track isn’t that straight but with hold on the accelerator & calculated speed, keep driving straight in a linear position. This way you keep up with the speed which leads to time saving. Now, by reaching the corner, accelerate at the right side when you are almost on peak point, take turn and again full speed on. Keep it speedy without any hesitation to slow down until upon reach on next break point.


Secondly, since you have now been introduced with turn, its better you get used to it as soon as possible. Because there are turns after turns coming your way now, though nothing to worry about it. All you need is follow the tips provided and don’t lose attention.

The second turn will cross your way on left near a small street. This is your next breakpoint. This one is quite a good opportunity for the turn, speed up a little before you reach the peak of the turn. Remember one thing, make sure to control the abrupt sharp rise & fall.


Number three break point will show up on a hundred and fifty meters. Until you reach this sign board, enjoy the thrill of high speed. This one is a crucial breakpoint in the finale for time trial. You make it, that’s a party. You fail it, you are gone.


The fourth turn is not difficult like the previous one. Plus this one is comparatively short as well. As you witness the sight of a 100m board on your right side, that is it, the break point. At the peak of the turn accelerate high and maintain the full speed as long as you can. There is no danger.


Thinking of barriers and getting worried, don’t be scared. This seems to be tricky though but you can handle it easily. On the left side, you see a sign board of 50meters. There it is, right from that point keep racing straight and pass through. As long as you don’t see the barrier, keep the acceleration going up. There is no need of losing speed at this point of the trial.


Lastly, a long turn and a needed brake at the peak point. Face to face with the handicap, a rough break finally in front. This is a breakthrough, get or out. This needs to be aggressive while many people lose it only due to less proficient at this stage of the game. Hit the yellow strip with the highest possible speed and keep going breaking the obstacles. This is it, from here onwards you are all in.

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To be time bound is always difficult but it helps you in being punctual and be on top. Same goes for gaming race time trials. They are a test of your ability, how you manage in limited time is what makes a better racer. That is not enough though, in the process you come across many barriers, obstacles & hindrances. That is the real test. In the above article, we have tried to put all the tips and tricks that works best in time trial. We hope you find it fruitful and wish you all the best for the time trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you prepare for a time trial?

The best way for a time trial is focus and practice. Read the above tips and follow strictly. Success is at your fingertips.

Q2. What does time trial mean?

Events in racing that have specific time limit for an area coverage is known as TT, which is called as time trial.

Q3. What is the point of time trials?

Time trials make a racer faster and better. It gives birth to sportsmanship in racing and enhances the chance of improvement.



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