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March 9, 2021
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The unique and amazing Idle RPG on Play Store! Make your ideal with idle heroes  apk and fight for victory. Idle heroes  is the game many players around the world can participate in, you can also join millions of other players from round the globe and play idle heroes apk. The heroes have ranking system from 1 to 5 stars. As player proceeds with the game, idle heroes vip will be able to level them up.

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Moreover a player in idle heroes apk  start his journey from Sara Forest to High Heavens. The group of heroes will have to fight the evil forces. All the heroes have to travel across ancient ruins and fight different battles. This is amazing, isn’t it? Yes, then what are you waiting for? Grab on idle heroes download and play your part in the game.

In the game will watch that the heroes will fight other heroes and will collect money. That money will be used in buying new gears and in this way the slow things which are present in other RPG games are not present in this game. But that does not mean that you do not have to develop your heroes.


Features of Idle Heroes PS

Off course, idle heroes helps in getting cheats but that’s not a feature. Let’s look into some of them in detail.

Idle system:

One of the interesting features of idle heroes private server is the idle system of the game. With this option, the player can turn on training  when s/he is away. Thus when the player returns, heroes will be much more powerful, they would have gained new amazing abilities and will be ready to fight battles. So the squad will be trained and will grow without much hectic.

Evolving Strategy:

There are above 200 heroes in different groups that have different skills. Thus a player has to assemble the warriors to train them so that they can become stronger & powerful. You can also change them into supernatural objects to evolve and to forge gears that are magical. Such a transformation will lead to huge victory. This is kind of idle heroes cheat.


Tons of Content:

Besides, the game is full of new content that makes Idle Heroes more attractive & interesting. There are battlegrounds where battles are fought. Strange towers which are a sight of fascination for all of us are part of the content. Idle heroes  apk unlimited gems is yet another striking addition. Indeed there are dungeons and beautiful arenas too.

Last but not the least is the heroic quest, when hero has to go through many unusual incidents & fights in order to be victorious. This feel of chivalric journey & ultimate victory in itself is a treat from idle hero private server.

Guild Wars:

Obviously a player can fight everywhere in battle simultaneously along with players & friends forming a guild. So that s/he can control the continent. Further can join other guilds as well to take his own guild to epitome of success. This is possible with aid from idle heroes apk.

Worldwide Arena:

Idle heroes private server download gets you to the worldwide arena. A player can bring forward his best hero to fight in the arena, watch them in many online contests and can reach the top of the scoring board for awesome rewards.

Backup Stone:

The developer of the game has added new feature to it that is known as backup stone. The players can earn & save the stones-gems that are converted. These gems have proper qualities. They can be used when needed.

200 Plus Heroes Customization:

There are two hundred plus heroes in the game which are spread all over and they are well equipped with specific abilities which turn them into unique heroes. Once you get any hero, you can cover them up with clothes of your choice and can also train them to gain new powers, abilities, strength and attributes.

Few Tips for Playing Idle Heroes

  • Free 5 Star Hero

In the start of the game the option “register your account” will appear. By registering there the player will get a 5 star hero. It helps in showing directions in the game.

  • Log in Daily

The player will get reward if he logs in every day. There is no need to play for long hours. Just a log in in will serve the purpose.

  • Avoid Low Rank Heroes

The low rank heroes shall be avoided because they turn into useless players very soon. So a player should not waste time on such heroes.

  • Use the Aspen Dungeon

In idle heroes after every 48 hours there is an option to fight aspen dungeon. Accept the offer after each interval and fight it so that you could get some rewards and also valuable experience for further quests.

  • Use Demon Option

The player will soon realize that healers are the most difficult enemies to diminish. That is why it is better to use demon option.



Idle Heroes is the game for all age groups who are enthusiastic and zealous. There is every feature which demands interest & energy. There are battles, heroes, dungeons, supernatural objects and many more. You can form groups and build your own guild with 200 plus heroes who are helpful in completing the journey. There are different rewards and gifts that helps you move & fight with dignity for success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we get Idle Heroes on PC?

Idle Heroes download Pc is your get to go for your computer. You can also get the game on your android 1 phone or play it online. Idle heroes  apk unlimited everything 2020 is a complete package for you.

Q2. How can we install this game?

Installing the game is very east: go to google Play Store, search “idle heroes”, click it, there will be an option “install”, click it and in few minutes the game will be downloaded. Finally you can play it.

Q3. What are the new features being added to the game?

The new features that are added to the game are: backup stone, new shadow assassin, celestial island reconstruction and comeback radio.

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