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Junkyard builder simulator mod apk game is a fun; physics based game where you can build a junkyard and a lot of other cool stuff. This game is a part of the game mod apk series. You can find many games of this series in play store. We will give you a brief introduction to Junkyard Builder Simulator mod apk game. Junkyard builder simulator mod apk game is a free-to-play 3D construction game, which is one of the most popular games in the world. 

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The game allows you to build your own junkyard by collecting scrap materials and vehicles. You can also purchase vehicles and other equipment. You can also customize your junkyard and create unique vehicles. Junkyard builder simulator mod apk game is an awesome game that allows you to build your own junkyard. Junkyard builder simulator mod apk game is a game that is being played by the players of this game.

 In this game, the player will have to build a junkyard and make it to become the best junkyard in the world. This game is a simulation game where the player has to build the junkyard, collect cars and trucks and make them into cars and trucks. The player will also have to collect all the tools that are required to build a junkyard. The player will have to collect all the materials that are required for building a junkyard and then the player will have to collect the cars and trucks from different sources. You can download it free from here.

The main goal of the game is to collect enough scrap materials to build your own junkyard. There are different types of scrap materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, and glass. You can collect these scrap materials by driving around the junkyard.


More about Junkyard builder simulator mod apk  

There are many people who like to play this game. They like to build their own junkyards. It’s a great way to relax and to have fun. If you are looking for a new way to relax, you can try this game. Junkyard builder simulator mod apk game is an exciting game because it offers you a lot of fun. You can also compete with other players to earn the highest score. You can use a variety of tools to build your junkyard. 

You can even customize your character and choose your own appearance. This game is very easy to play, and it’s not as complicated as many other construction games. You can easily learn how to play it, and then you can spend more time playing this game. You has to build a junkyard from the ground up. You can collect materials and vehicles, and then you can use them to create your own junkyard. The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible. You can also compete against your friends in multiplayer mode.

You can collect vehicles, materials, and tools by driving and jumping in the game. When you build your own junkyard, you will be able to customize it as you want. You can also customize the appearance of your junkyard. In addition, you can also unlock new vehicles, buildings, and other things by playing the game. You can get free items in the game by completing missions. You can also buy new vehicles, materials, and tools for real money.

Features of the Junkyard builder simulator mod apk  

The junkyard builder is a simulation game in which you manage your own junk empire. You can buy, sell, clean, repair, and trade your junkyard items. The junkyard builder simulator is a fun and addictive game where you can build your own junkyard and manage your inventory of cars and other vehicles.

You’ll learn how to build your own junkyard and then how to manage your inventory of cars and other vehicles. This game is a great way to learn about the business of junkyards. It’s a fun game that will teach you how to manage a junkyard. You will be managing a junkyard where you have to clean up.

Update and maintain your junk empire

Junkyard builder simulator mod apk game

Build a junk empire. Buy, sell, trade and build

Upgrade your junk empire to become the master of the biggest junkyard

Keep your junkyard clean

Update your junkyard

How to build the ultimate junk empire. The key is to choose the right junkyard and the right junk

This is where you’ll find out how to manage your junk empire and keep it grows in.

Additional Information

Version: 1.50 

Size:  115MB

Updated: May 10-2022

Requirements: Android phone, iOS

Get it on: Play store-mobile, PC, 

Offered by: Free Mind Games

Developer: @Free Mind Games

Category:  Simulation


The game has a total of 8 different levels. In each level, you have to collect as many trucks and cars as you can before the time run out. You can also upgrade your truck and car by earning coins. The more you earn, the more you can upgrade your truck and car. You can also buy upgrades for your truck and car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a junkyard?

A junkyard is where you can get your hands on old cars and trucks.

Q2: What do I need to make a junkyard?

You’ll need a lot of things to make a junkyard. First, you’ll need a lot of space to store all the junk. You’ll also need a metal detector to find any valuable items that you can sell.

Q3: How can I make a junkyard? 

You can build a junkyard by collecting materials and vehicles. You can get a lot of materials by collecting junk from the streets. You can also get a lot of vehicles from junkyards or salvage yards.

Q4: What are some materials that I can use for a junkyard? 

You can use metal, wood, plastic, glass, and even cardboard.

Q5: What are some vehicles that I can use for my junkyard?

 You can use cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats.

Q6: How much can I make if I sell junk? 

It depends on what you’re selling. If you’re selling junk that’s in good condition, you can make a lot of money.

Q7: How long does it take to make a junkyard?

 It depends on how many things you have to collect. It can take a few days to a week to build a junkyard.

Q8: What can I do with a junkyard?

 You can use the parts to create something new. For example, you could create a car or truck.

Q9: How do I get started?

 Start by picking a location and building your first junkyard.

Q10: How many junkyards can I have?

 You can have as many junkyards as you want.

Q11: What do I need to start a junkyard?

You’ll need a garage or a shed where you can store your vehicles.

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