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Rocket League is a fast-paced mix with arcade football and vehicle mayhem which features fluid, physics-driven games with easy-to-understand controls. Prepare yourself for high-octane soccer and some vehicular chaos in this high-octane combination. Make your car custom-designed to play on the field and take part with the best players in critically-acclaimed games of sports ever.

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It is a fantastical video game that is based on sport developed by Psionic (it’s soccer that includes cars). Rocket League is one of our most played sports we include in every type of league we offer. Moreover, the players work as a group to move the ball along the field and create goals. Rocket League is a sport that involves teamwork and cooperation.

Test it at no cost which means play online with 1v1 3v3, 2v2, or 1v1 modes. Moreover, you can play extra Modes such as Rumble, Snow Day, and Hoops. Access items from Rocket Pass, compete in Competitive Tournaments and complete Challenges and enjoy the cross-platform advancement and more. Be ready to race your ball around the field, and then shooting your way to winning.

More about Rocket League

Rocket League is a technical game that is fast-paced and extremely high-level dexterity. Rocket League competition is a state-approved sport that has agreements in conjunction with NFHS Network and state associations. The game is about out-manipulating opponents and cooperation. The teams start from the other side as either the Blue or Orange team.

When the game begins, the players race to hit the ball first using their cars during which the clock decreases until the winning team is able to score by hitting a goal. The players return to their places and repeat the process until the clock is out. The team with the highest number of goals at the conclusion is the winner. If there’s a tie, both teams go to overtime until one of them becomes the winner.



A soccer game played on a motorbike; Rocket League is developed and published by Psionic. It is one of the best games for enjoying offbeat soccer games and is a hit among video game players around the world. A league match full of enthusiasm and teamwork, it gives players to enjoy the sport and show their skills as a great player.

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