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Safexpress Courier Tracking and Trace are new features that have added value to courier companies and are good if you are searching ‘courier services near me’. Safexpress tracking is one such tracking feature that allows customers to track parcels anytime and anywhere. A consignment or tracking number with a few simple steps can make tracking easier for you. Thus, you can locate your Safexpress jobs and orders without any difficulties.

Safexpress tracking can track Safexpress cargo shipments, parcels or couriers that are closer to your heart and needs special care. Therefore if you want to send parcels without worrying about damage or stealing then it is an excellent service for you. Moreover, the many services such as safe express tracking by Safexpress couriers also cater to the shipping needs of almost every other person. 

Safexpress Courier Tracking

Safexpress Company provides logistics solutions for all your shipping requirements thus providing delivery from the merchant to your doorstep. Every package has a specific number known as tracking number which distinguishes it from other parcels. This Safexpress tracking number is available on the receipt and can be used to trace your consignments through it.

With so many certified vehicles that has a GPS ensures real time monitoring and tracking of the shipments. Moreover, it goes through more than 1100 routes on a daily basis that almost covers 600,000 kilometers. Thus, consignment tracking is one feature that makes it an outstanding choice of people around India.

Safexpress Courier Tracking Service

Steps to track Safexpress courier

Safexpress has GPS enabled vehicles and provides live status update options thus making it a reliable courier company. You will need a courier tracking number and follow a few steps to track your parcel in a minute. The steps for checking the live status of Safexpress tracking are given below:

  • On top of your computer screen, you will find a search box that say “enter tracking number here”.
  • Click on the search box and enter the tracking number which is typically an 8 digit number allotted to your parcel order.
  • Once you enter the number then click on the ‘track here’ button next to the search box.
  • After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the information page which will display the status update of your package. Moreover, it includes other logistics information such as the dispatch time, dimensions, weight, etc. to inform you about the parcel.

Note: always remember to keep the receipt with you because it has the Safexpress courier tracking number. Besides, if you face any difficulty in tracking your shipment, you can use the receipt for assistance. Thus, you can call the customer care number and get information by giving tracking details to the company from the receipt of surface express national courier tracking.

Different services by Safexpress 

The company provides services to all types of clients with a 100 satisfactory result of their safexpress tracking services. Besides, professionalism is the key element in provision of efficient delivery options thus adding value to the service provider. Thus, if you are opting for Safexpress delivery, you will get the following facilities to meet your specific shipment needs. 

Express distribution

It includes air and surface cargo that delivers parcel by road and by air as well. If it is a domestic courier then it will likely be delivered by road. On the other hand, an international parcel will be shipped through air cargo. Thus, providing you fast and economic delivery services at your doorstep.

Supply Chain Consulting

There are so many cultures and diverse business needs of the people in India. In order to meet the needs of these diverse businesses, a great number of professionals work under Safexpress that provides consultancy services to customers to reach a wider market and transport luggage.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics means return of products from the customer or the business provider. For instance, a customer may return his parcel if they find any issue with the product or parcel. Thus, Safexpress has a solution to these problems as well and provide a useful procedure to return goods easily.


Services for Individuals

Safexpress cares about individual customers a lot and provides many facilities to them. For instance, they provide express delivery, easy to move services that help you in moving bulk item from one place to another. Moreover, they provide hassle free return policies so that the customers do not settle for anything less than their expectations. 

Services for Enterprises
with a number of services such as stock to shelf delivery, vendor management inventory and virtual warehousing, it caters to all your business needs. Therefore, if you want to spread your business and need packers and movers, then safex is the company that can boost your services to a greater degree.

About Safexpress

Safexpress is a logistics company mainly operating in India that was established in 1997. It caters to the needs of many businesses and clients in the field of logistics, supply chain and delivery services in India. As of now, it offers many services such as Safexpress track and express distribution and consulting to provide solutions to many businesses. 

From providing world class warehouse support to small scale delivery options, they cater to everything that will boost your business. Thus, they add value to every kind and level of business and give you the confidence to build your own brand. With a fleet of unlimited vehicles and more than 1100 routes to distribute parcels, it is the ultimate luggage transfer service in India. 

Safexpress Contact details

You can get all the information of your parcel through Safexpress tracking to ensure safe delivery. For further information, you can contact the customer care service of the company. Besides, if you need logistics solutions, then you can contact the regional offices which are available on the official website.

Corporate Office

Address: Safexpress Pvt Ltd, NH 8, Mahipalpur Extension, New Delhi, India.

Phone: 11-26783281

Toll Free: 1800-113-113
e-Mail: Live Chat and Contact form are available on the website for Safexpress pvt ltd tracking.


Regardless of any services that you are using for yourself, all of them are open to tracking and you can trace and track any of these shipments. Similarly, the company ensures 100 percent damage free on-time delivery that gives extra satisfaction to the clients of Safexpress com tracking. 

Additionally, it offers safe and secure shipping routes to reach the destination without any damage. Thus, this is a proof that you will be able to get your deliveries in good condition. Moreover, the Safexpress tracking adds an extra reliability quotient to your couriers and makes you enjoy shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my Safexpress?

With the help of which is a third party tracking online service provider, you can track courier of Safexpress easily. You just have to follow the steps and will be able to find Safexpress tracking.

How do I contact Safexpress?

The contact number along the address of the main office is given below which will assist you in contacting Safexpress Patna, Surat and other branches. 

Address: Safexpress Pvt Ltd, NH 8, Mahipalpur Extension, New Delhi, India.

Fax: 91 11 26781481 / 82 Toll free no: 113 113 

What is Safexpress?

Safexpress is a leading logistics company that provides many courier tracking status solutions to the people of India. They have over 3600 vehicles and cover more than 6 million square feet to reach 567 destinations and provide you shipment tracking and shipment services.

What is waybill number?

It is another name for a tracking number that is unique for every other parcel. This includes a combination of letters and numbers and can be different from in lengths from other companies.

What is Surface Express?

Basically, it is the process of delivering goods by road through trucks and vans. They deliver your shipments more fast because roads are the best options for domestic freight services.


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