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Developer: @Improbable
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September, 2021
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Android phone, iOS

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Scavenger Hunt Mod APK is a free strategic battleground game which is solely based on a survival series missions. It is a free and full of action game where a squad of three competes to survive the battle field. An action pack and full of excitement, scavengers provide you all the battlefield experience within your room. The mission is to survive the action shooter missions and dominate the PVE and PVP of the game.

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Firstly, choose from a list of players who are great explorers and arm them with weapons and abilities. Once you are ready, start your journey by conquering the challenges of a hostile island by following the mission.  Show your skills as a great fighter and outfight your enemies to rule over the frozen island.

Scavengers: A preview

There is a saying about the game which is ‘you can never go home again’ because of the control of mutants. The reason is quite clear which is that the players left after the asteroids shattered the moon which froze the earth. This brought in a virus which gave birth to many horrors. A few explorers left the planet before and sought refuge from some dangerous mutants known as Scourge.

Now, the players are just a few people from earth which includes mother who is the AI protector of the sanctuary. She looks over all the people while the players are trying to find a cure for the virus but this is not enough. The mother wants players to return to the surface again and fight for their survival and the future of the species.

Scavenger Hunt Mod APK is not only a gunplay

The gameplay arena is not a regular scene instead it is a deep sandbox PvEvp where all the matches offer multiple strategic avenues. Thus, you can experience a unique kind of shooter scenario than any other shooting games. The objective is to capture data points more than your rivals and remain alive against all odds.

For capturing points, you have to track your enemies through snow and other harsh conditions and outfight them. Besides, you can use AI wildlife against situations and take advantage of snowstorms to move ahead of the enemies. Similarly, navigate between outposts and take on the world with blazing guns. In short, it is a player vs environment vs player game that increases the excitement of the game.

Surviving in the frozen wasteland

The game avenue is a full of harsh conditions such as snow storms, hunger and deadly mutants at every spot.  Additionaly, the enemies are always looking for an opportunity to attack you behind these harsh conditions. With so many difficulties and dangerous situations, the players must move ahead to beat the enemy.

For this purpose, the players need to learn navigating difficult terrains and show their skills as a combat warrior. Only these skills can help the players to extract from the planet and survive towards victory in the game.

Special features of Scavenger Hunt Mod APK

Choose your own explorer

As the last hope for survival is just a few people on the planet therefore it is important to have some strong people. Thus, the game offers to choose players from a wide range of explorers who specialize in different abilities.

For instance, select a player and customize their loadout to create a courageous and skillful combat player. Besides, join other players to from a squad of very strong players with a number of unmatchable abilities toward victory.

Maneuvering through the combat

The game offers many adventurous situations where adaptability of the players is the key to success. Players will need to learn how to clear outlander encampments or master the skills of using weapons. A mastery over all these factors can make a huge difference towards victory or defeat.

Players can unlock blueprints between matches to create dangerous arsenals for trapping enemies. Moreover, the players can run down a salvage vehicle and force enemies to go through a storm. Thus, the possibilities of gameplay are endless.

Winter is not only a single season here

The season in the game is an evolving winter which gives out new experiences and fun activities like never before. Over the long-term matches, the game offers new objectives, modes, characters, enemies and many more. Besides, this frozen island will shift and evolve continuously to provide new challenges and demand new strategies to resolve them.

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If you are looking for a full-on shooting experience with a lot of ever evolving situations then it is the perfect game for you. Scavenger provides unlimited combat experience and gives you the opportunity to satisfy your battlefield wishes.

Besides, it is available for free and does not require any money so what are you waiting for. Download this game and enjoy it till you reach the victory and have the most of it.

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Core I5-6500 or equivalent

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 380

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 15 GB available space

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