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In the spin-off Sid Meier Civilization turn-based strategy games, you’ll discover alien planets deep beneath the stars. The game is believed as the spiritual sequel to Alpha Centauri by Sid Meier. David McDonough, the lead designer, has said, “For all of the fans of Alpha Centauri out there, this is the game we made for you”. The game is set at a future time.

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A calamity called “the Great Mistake” will result in humans leaving the earth. Humanity is able to travel to extraterrestrial planets to settle the planets and begin an entirely new existence. Now, it is our duty to colonize and explore with the help of new technology to begin the next chapter of human history. It was a short time of celebration for humanity following the first wave of huge colony vessels that left Earth.

The planet they left behind was barren thus they were caught up in a tense struggle for the diminishing resources. In this turbulent time two new factions started to form. It wasn’t the idealistic thinking of their predecessors who shaped these newcomers, but determination, courage, and brutality, and, most importantly, an unwavering commitment to being able to survive.

After decades of their first encounter on another planet, survivors of the first explorations beyond Earth gaze up to find the sky by a new kind of explorers. The Civilization franchise grew beyond its historical setting to futuristic science fiction by introducing Beyond Earth. Before, players took control of ancient empires ruled by historical characters, each with their distinct personality and traits.

Key features of the game 

Create floating settlements and gain access to natural resources that lie in the deep seas of the universe of aliens. Water is home to creatures from another world with special abilities that test the player in different ways. The ocean has new gameplay mechanics as well as strategic ways for players to conquer their new surroundings.

Players and AI Leaders can discover new skills by playing, and create new combinations in order to adjust to the ever-changing world. New Fear and Respect traits provide further advantages and are a part of the new Diplomacy system. Change the landscape of diplomatic relations by improving your skills as well as changing your diplomatic relationship and taking advantage of what your friends can provide.

The game is now available with five new factions that include the Al Farah nomad explorers whose ancestors are prosperous and durable Middle Eastern states with a vast cultural and a rich commercial history. Your faction can unlock new benefits, upgrades for units and structures when you gather and mix powerful artifacts. There are some major changes of previous games in the Civilization games in the Civilization.


Sid Meier and Firaxis Games created an turn-based game Civilization: Beyond Earth which has been upgraded by a variety of improvements since the game’s launch. Beyond Earth offers new frontiers on the planet’s surface as well as below the seas, offering additional diplomatic options and choices when you take “just one more turn” towards a new direction for humanity.

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