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Spotify Premium Free Mod Apk is a modified version released by a 3rd party developer. Therefore, Spotify  music apk is the number one music streaming platform, therefore has huge number of users. In 2015, over 60 million people were using the app, which is an impressive number.

You want to know more? Let me tell you Spotify is known as the king in the market. It holds  huge music store which has over 40 million songs. In addition, the entire music is of high quality and copyrighted. So what you want more? At the same time, Spotify mod latest updates songs and albums so that users can easily get their desired song. Is not it amazing?

Furthermore, you can find any song by just entering the title of the song, name of the artist or album name in the search box of the app. So you can also easily know about all the searches being made by clicking on ‘show all results’. According to your history and music selection Spotify++ android automatically suggest songs you may like and add them to your playlist.

Over the years, tremendous streaming apps have come in the electronic world but modded Spotify  managed to attract millions of music lovers around the globe with its  tremendous features. Moreover, it has extensive database of  English and regional music. Are you in search of Spotify premium mod apk that gives you access to Spotify premium for free? And want to know how to get free Spotify premium pc?

Spotify Premium Free Mod Apk
Spotify Premium Free Mod Apk


Freemium Service (Spotify APK Free) 

Most importantly, Spotify free premium APK is a freemium service, meaning free premium Spotify apk , thus it provides a service in which there is free version with restrictions and paid version without any conditions but in free version there is no Spotify premium APK offline mode. So download free Spotify apk and enjoy music for free. We are extremely vigorous to show you the modded version of Spotify premium with you all.

So if you want to know more about free Spotify premium android 2020, and also how to get Spotify premium for free on android, then stick to the article as we have covered everything for genuine music lovers. Furthermore, there are clear cut instructions to install the Spotify mod in android smartphones and window phones as well.

Since Spotify Premium  offline APK is an upgraded version of  Spotify premium and comes with a free version. But the free version does not let you stream in high quality, moreover you cannot download songs when offline streaming, there are sometimes adds between the songs and the most irritating one is six tracks skip per hour.

Spotify Premium Rates

Individual plan

The pan is only for one person that provides ad-free music streaming, downloading and on demand playback priced at 9.99 dollars per month. On the other hand, we know that many people live alone and some cannot afford high rates so this is best option for them. However, it is not burden on purse and obviously can manage their hobby as well in cheap rates.

Spotify Premium Rates

Individual plan

The plan is only for one person that provides ad-free music streaming, downloading and on demand playback priced at 9.99 dollars per month. As we know that many people live alone and some cannot afford high rates so Spotify APK android individual plan is best option for them. Therefore, it is not burden on purse and obviously can manage their hobby as well in cheap rates.

Family Plan

This plan is favorable for a family of six who are music lovers and price of the plan is 14.99 dollars per month. Moreover, people get all premium features with playlist made by Spotify. At the same time, it also gives an option to block explicit music and this is better option for the family which is music lover. So, all the members can enjoy their free time by listening to the music of their taste.

Student Plan

Students who are in love with music and want to enjoy streaming can take advantage from student plan. Furthermore, it is with Hulu plan, showtime and unlocks all features of  modded Spotify APK and it costs 4.99 dollars per month. So the financial condition of student has been kept in mind while arranging such package so students can take advantage from such rates. That is superb!

We also have another package and it is Spotify 3 months 9.99 Dollars. So those who want it for three consecutive months, they can take advantage from the plan.

The above mentioned plans are quite expensive, is not it? However, there is nothing to worry about, Spotify APK latest is the best option. Let me tell you something more about the features carried by the modified version of Spotify.


App NameSpotify Mod APK
Size22 MB
Android Support4.0 or above
Last Updated29 May 2020
Offered bySpotify Ltd
Safety checkSafe
App RequirementsInternet connectivity to stream music/

Features of Spotify Premium APK

All those features which a person can use after buying membership, Spotify  offers it for free. Furthermore, this app carries more features than the premium version. You can download Spotify premium apk from plays tore for free, you will be amazed by seeing the outstanding features of this latest version. Now let us have a look at the amazing features:

  1. Spotify APK No Ads in Music Streaming

Whenever we watch videos on YouTube then unskippable ads appear on the screen during that time, it irritates a lot. Is not it? Same is the case with the free version of Spotify and ads start while you are listening to the music. Hence, advertisements spoils the mood. Yet the modded version of the app is ad free. You can listen to the music without any disturbance. What you want more?

2.      Select Any Song from the Playlist

You can choose any song from the playlist, there is no restrictions at all. Hence, that is one of the best features because mood of the music lovers varies so they can easily switch on from one song to another. This modded version provides you the facility to choose your favorite song from the playlist.

Where as such feature was not available in the free version. A person is restricted from choosing a specific song from the playlist. Moreover, through the modded version you can select the song of your choice, then what you want more?

3.      High Quality Streaming

What a person wants from music app? Obviously high quality streaming. Accordingly, the free version of Spotify premium provides music streaming in low quality, while you can listen your loved music in 320 kbps bitrate. This is so far the astonishing quality.

4.      Unlimited Offline Download But Not on Spotify Premium APK free

The free version of the APK Spotify premium does not allow to listen to the songs when offline. But new and upgraded version allows you to download unlimited songs because many people are in the habit to listen to offline music. So there are no worries now, no matter where ever you are whether offline or online you can listen to your favorite music. Amazing!

5.      Search is Unlimited

Many people are music lovers. Everyone listens to the songs of their choice. Some like classical music, some old, rock or modern music. It is up to the taste and choice of the individual. Consequently, there are numerous kinds of songs, but finding a song of your demand is a cumbersome process.

Are you confused? No there is no need to worry or be confused because Spotify Mod Apk has very advanced search option. You can easily search and listen to the song of your choice anywhere and anytime with no difficulty in finding it.

6.      Spotify Premium APK No Root Permission Required


Do you know that the app does not need any root permission for installation. Yes, it is damn true. You can install Spotify as a normal application and listen to the music. Hence, save your mobile from any damage because rooting device sometimes become harmful as mobile can get dead.  Choose Spotify premium Apk which is no root needed app and make smart choice.

7.      Unlimited Skips Spotify

Do you want to know more? If yes, then let me tell you the modified version has no limitations. You can skip as many songs as you want. And listen to the track which you want to listen. Sounds awesome, right? You already know that free version has no such advantage. On the contrary, the free version of Spotify does not permit to skip more than six songs per hour which is heart breaking. Spotify unlimited skips apk is best.

Therefore, make the best decision and install Spotify mod apk to enjoy as many songs as you want with facility of skipping songs. So download Spotify APK And listens to the song of your choice.

8.      Compatible

It is compatible on all platforms. A person can hear songs or any type of music on or can hear on PC via suitable software or through mobile apps. That is fantastic! Consequently, there is no tension regarding using spotify in android phones or windows. Feel free to download it anywhere and relish music. Remember! Not all apps gives you such features.

9.      Suggest Songs Automatically

According to your mood and taste Spotify mods suggest songs for you because the search history clearly shows your choices. Consequently, it automatically suggests songs of your choice, as there is already data in the search history. Besides that it saves you from toil and saves your time by directly suggesting songs of your tastes and otherwise it takes hours to search a desired songs. Is not it amazing!

10.  Copyrighted Songs

Furthermore, all the songs are of high quality and are copyrighted, so there is no problem in selecting and downloading songs. As we all know that copyright has become the problem in nowadays music industry. While enjoying music via Spotify, you will never face problem of copyright. As all the songs are copyrighted. What you want more?

Some Demerits of Spotify Premium APK

We all know that God has created everything with certain merits and demerits. Same is the case with man made things. Yes, your guess is righto the other hand, Spotify free APK also has cons but there is nothing to worry about. But before you make choice I want you to be aware of the entire situation because I consider it my prior duty to make everybody aware of everything. Let me clearly tell you about few demerits of the app :

1.      High Prices

As we know that there are many people who are poor and at the same time they are music lover. But because of poverty they are unable to afford luxury of music. Spotify  subscription charges are quite high, consequently, this is one of the drawbacks as many people are deprived of music. But on the other hand it gives high quality service as well. So no worries!

2.      Availability in Limited States

Oh it is really a bad news for many people. Spotify is not available in every country. But present in limited states. That is really heart breaking, is not it? There is nothing to worry about because work is under process to make it available in as many countries as possible. It is really not a big issue, hope for the best.

3.      No Lyric Display Option

For some people understanding lyrics of the songs is really important but for others it is not. Spotify has removed the lyric display option. It does not support the feature now. You know what? It is really not a big deal. Because a person can download lyrics from internet and after reading lyrics can listen to the song. Is not it amazing?

How to Install Spotify Premium APK in Android

In this section I will be sharing the method to install Spotify premium mod apk in any android phone and how to get Spotify premium for free android. Many users do not know how to install the app which causes difficulty for them and are unable to use it. Moreover, they waste their precious time and spoil their mood as well as they could not install it. This portion will help you a lot in making you understand about the installation of the app in no time.

Here are the steps given below for the process of Spotify premium download:

Step 1- Download Spotify Premium Mod:

First of all download the latest version of Spotify premium apk.

Step 2- Enable Unknown Source

The step 2 is go to the setting > security > Device administrator > enable installation from third party sources. Hence, this process will allow you to install Spotify ++ APK from sources other than google plays tore.

Step 3- Go to File Manager:

In step three you have to go to the locations where the APK Spotify package has been saved. Tap on it and then install Spotify Premium APK 2019.

Step 3- Install APK

The installation is the final step. Depending on your android set, time of installation of Spotify android apk depends. Usually Spotify premium free download takes few seconds. So download Spotify premium. Moreover, it may take more time in certain cases.

Now you are done, enjoy Spotify!

How to Use Spotify Premium APK?

After installation, click the app, sign up and make a new account. Google and Facebook can be used for making the registration process quick.

For high quality audio follow the steps below:

  • Launch Spotify premium APK android
  • Click settings in the top right corner of the screen
  • Moreover, explicit music can be turned off when in need
  • Show or hide songs that are not relatable to your region
  • Normalize audio
  • There is an autoplay feature that will continuously play the kind of music which is liked by you
  • Select the language of your choice
  • In music quality section, tap streaming and set the quality to very high, as a result, lot of data will be consumed but tracks will be of high quality.

How to Install Spotify Premium Free APK on Windows?

In contrast, installing premium APK Spotify on window phones or Spotify modded for pc may look like rocket science, but it is very easy. For installation you will need: one, the latest version of Spotify. Second, blue stacks android emulator.

An android apps and games are run on windows platform with the help of android emulator, since best android emulator is Bluestacks. So, we will use it to install Spotify premium APK mod on windows.

  • Download Spotify premium package
  • Now download blues tacks emulator
  • Install Spotify++ pc and sign in through google account.
  • Now install the blues tacks app by clicking the install option.
  • There will be shortcut icon on the desktop of the above apps.

Hence, it is so easy, is not it? Above are the systematic steps for installation of Spotify premium on windows and enjoy the premium features.

How to Download Music from Spotify Using Spotify Premium APK

As I have already discussed above that free version of the app does not allow to save offline music. At the same time, the paid version provides you the facility to download music but it cannot be transfer to other devices. Hence, with Spotify downloader apk, one can save music in mp3 format and can transfer it to other devices too. Here is the procedure:

  • Download Spotify downloader apk
  • Install the app
  • Copy the URL of any playlist from Spotify
  • Switch to Spotify downloader apk, click on the three vertical dots and add playlist from URL
  • Now the app will fetch the playlist, and as a result, a song can be selected to save on the devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify is very popular among public and in order to understand everything about it you must read all the information given above. Now it is necessary to answer the questions of the people. As we know that millions and millions of people use and download spotify, therefore people have different queries regarding it.

Obviously, when people use or download Spotify then for sure there are many questions that crosses their mind. But wait! Do not be upset, I am here to answer your all questions and this will help you in using and downloading the app. There can be different questions from different people and can have many questions regarding using app for free and many more.

No worries, all the frequently asked questions about Spotify  modded apk will be answered below:

Q1. How can Spotify premium apk  be downloaded?

Thus, you can be download from our site. However, the entire procedure of downloading Spotify has been given above in this article. Hence, each and every step has been mentioned clearly above, so I hope there will be no difficulty in downloading it.

Q2. Is there any purchase plan?

No there is no purchase plan, rather all the features are going to be unlocked for you without any purchases. Above all, there is free free spotify premium APK, in which you can unlock many features. But obviously in paid version all the features are unlocked.

Q3. Is it virus free?

Yes, Spotify is free from every type of virus and adware. As long as it is use individually then it is totally save. There is nothing to be tensed about. Is not it wonderful!

Q4. How is the quality of songs?

The quality of music and songs is fantastic, therefore, there is no doubt at all. There is hardly any app which gives such best quality. Once you use it then no other app is going to make you satisfy with voice quality, hence make smart choice and choose spotify. Thus, for best quality you have to pay best.


Life is short and we should enjoy it fully. Listening to music is a great hobby and we try our level best to suggest outstanding app for music lovers. Yes, Spotify MOD is the best option.  On the other hand, all the important and demanding features are clearly mentioned above that you can rarely find in any other app. Spotify premium apk  has been declared one of the top music streaming service with over millions of premium users.

In the article I have shared the latest version of spotify apk  mod and all the necessary instructions are given above including the procedure for installation in android and window both. Furthermore, I have shared the entire method of downloading songs as well. There will be no difficulty in using the app after reading the entire article.

You are always welcome to comment down your queries, we  will be updating you regarding latest version of spotify mod apk.


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How to install Spotify Premium Free Mod Apk V9.5.59.969 Download 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Spotify Premium Free Mod Apk V9.5.59.969 Download 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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