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Stick war mod apk is a fast-paced strategy game that challenges players to build the most effective army by building a city from scratch and then destroying your opponent’s forces. Each turn represents a year. You need to manage a city and build your army in order to destroy your opponent and advance to the next turn. This is not a turn-based game. It’s a real time strategy game. You have to make quick decisions and act quickly.

Stick War: Legacy is a free-to-play mobile game offered by Max Games Studios. In this game you’ll find yourself in the midst of a medieval battle of stick and stone. You will create your own character, train to become an expert archer and hunt other players with the bow. 

Stick War: Legacy apk is a mod version of the original Stick War game. The Stick War apk game was developed by a team of gamers. The game is set in the near future where the Earth’s resources have run out and the population has plummeted. It is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game. 

The Stick War mod apk is the ultimate in action packed multiplayer warfare. As players battle to gain control over the land, their strategy will determine the winner of this game.

This is a simple game based on the Stick War theme. The goal is to eliminate all your opponent’s men by hitting them with sticks. In this game, you are on the battlefield fighting to win. Your goal is to eliminate all of your opponent’s soldiers. To win, you must place mines on the ground, but if you do not destroy all of your opponent’s troops, then he will be able to get up again and defeat you.

What are the features of Stick War mod apk?

  • Free to download, install and play
  • Resources used to build defenses, attack or defend against other armies
  • Defend against attacks from other players or build your own army to attack other cities
  • There are lots of different weapons, units and buildings to build.
  • The Stick War mod apk has great graphics and is easy to play
  • Play online with others or against the computer
  • There is no need to purchase extra content to unlock new units or weapons
  • Real-time strategy game
  • Fight for territory with other players
  • Fast and furious battles
  • Battle for the control of the land
  • Unique player classes: Choose one of four different armies to fight for
  • Advanced AI: The computer will strategize against your opponents and give you advice on how to beat them
  • Full screen experience: Enjoy a full-screen experience with no title bar or navigation buttons
  • Easy to learn: No need to read manuals or search online guides. Start playing right away
  • Players’ local wireless or online multiplayer gameplay – Play against friends and strangers alike, and fight to take over the world
  • Customize your own armies with units such as Soldiers, Archers, and Tanks
  • All new campaign with multiple levels of difficulty
  • New user interface and enhanced graphics – See your soldiers at life size
  • Play solo, against a friend, or against another player
  • Train troops and research technologies to enhance your army
  • Build and upgrade buildings to increase your combat power
  • Expand your cities by building and expanding your territory
  • Manage resources and gold
  • Battle through the seasons of the year, advancing through the seasons to win

File Information


Version:  2022.1.12

Size:  104M

Updated: April 6, 2022 

Requirements: Android phone, iOS

Get it on: Play store-mobile, PC, 

Offered by:   Max Games Studios

Developer: @Max Games Studios

Category: Strategy


Stick War mod apk game is a new game with interesting gameplay. You are one of the many warlords who tried to take over the world in this game. In order to survive, you have to fight against other warlords. The game contains 10 stages. You can collect all the weapons and items to fight the warlords in different levels. 

There are 5 types of weapons in the game. In each level, you have to fight against other warlords and enemies. When you finish all the levels, you will receive points. After collecting enough points, you will unlock some weapons and special items. You can improve the weapon by upgrading it. At present, there is no end of the game. So, you can continue playing infinitely. Download it and start to play. Good luck!

With Over 150 maps and missions to choose from with different objectives – Conquer land and expand your empire in the game of stick war apk using fast-paced gameplay.



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