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Sunset Overdrive is an innovative shooter game that breaks the traditional rules of shooters, introducing hyper-agility distinctive weapons, and a variety of customization options. It offers an explosive, humorous elegant, fashionable, and completely distinctive gaming experience exclusively with Xbox One. It is available as a download of the game that is available on English, French and many others.

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In the game, Sunset City is under siege. A toxic energy drink has resulted in the majority of the city’s people to transform into toxic mutants. Some see that as the beginning of the end for the human race however you view it as the realization of a vision. Through grinding and wall-running around the city with a powerful and unique arsenal and you can transform the entire world into a strategic playground.

You’ll be able leap off of buildings, run through walls and crush power rails and lines to eliminate any enemy from any angle. Create your arsenal of unusual weapons by upgrading your arsenal of items such as fireworks, dynamite, harpoons and acid to take out your foes.

Key Features

You must be aware of the functions of the games of the Sunset Overdrive series if you have played these games before. There are however certain key aspects that you should be aware of in case you’re brand new to the game. There’s one thing that is what makes Melee weapons different from the other games in that, regardless of the models, they operate exactly the same way.

You can switch between them with the help of overdrive. One way you can keep up-to-date your weapon is to be able to kill your opponents using the weapon you prefer. In the game, players meet a myriad of new characters. The characters are different in their nature and can be unlocked when players progress to new levels.

The game allows players to select a character from many options and also play together. You can earn XP on your selected weapon through killing of enemies and as you earn enough, you can increase the weapon’s level. In the second level of the game the weapons are equipped with amps for the weapon that can be bought through Floyd or from missions in the game.

Additionally, the type of weapon could result in an increase in ammo capacity and other stats related to the kind of weapon you’d like to use. There’s a main campaign as well as a variety of tasks that are initiated by players when they visit certain areas in the town. Players can deliver items to various non-playable characters and collect items from around the globe as part of these missions.

There are often limitations on time for specific quests. Once you have mastered the fundamentals about the game, you’re likely to be eager to play it. If you’ve never played any game in this series, then begin with this game. The game is available for no cost on all kinds of devices, making it one of the most popular.


The Sunset Overdrive video game is an action-adventure shooter created by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is set in the city of Sunset City, in the 2027 timeframe. The game was first announced in E3 2013 and was released globally to Xbox One in October 2014. It’s the game that IGN voted as the Best Xbox One Game of 2014.

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