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Talking Angela is a voice repetition game that aims at children for repeating whatever they say to the character Angela. It is a game for all ages and does not require any permission from users around the world. A pretty character with many different outfit changes and engaging voice repetition is what this game is all about.

Kids nowadays are very smart and want to have fun indoors with the help of gadgets. Now, parents can make it happen through the use of mobile games such as Talking Angela and many more. Toddlers love to repeat things and thus that is the reason behind the creation of this game. The kids say things to Angela and she repeats it after them. Thus, it pleases the toddlers and allows them to have fun time.

So, join Talking Angela in Paris which is the city of love, magic and style. Lay back because there are so many surprises for you that you won’t be able to count easily. From exciting activities and games to repeating whatever you say and many exclusive offers make it a hit in the gaming world. So, let us go through some of the exciting features of the game to enjoy it to the fullest.

How to play Talking Angela

To play Talking Angela, all you need to do is to know how the game works and how to play it better. Here we will give you a few tips and tricks on how to play talking Angela. So, sit back relax and enjoy the game to the fullest.

·        Install the game and get familiar with Angela by talking to her.

·        Style her with many outfits and makeup to give her the best makeover.

·        Always check for exclusive gifts to present them to Angela.

·        Hang stylish outfits and display makeup items to show her style statement.

·        Find the record option and create videos that can give you a laugh with your friends.

·        Try Larry button to fly into feather fun and let Angela enjoy the moment.

·        Find daily words of wisdom from Angela by clicking on the heart shape ‘fortune cookie’.

Download free Angela

Download Angela now to enjoy free and unlimited gameplay. Talk back, play with actions, give her makeover and have all the fun at your fingertips. The free version contains the following features:

  1.             Advertisements and promotion of Outfit7’s products
  2.        Personalized content to engage the users
  3.             Small youtube video integrations from Outfit7
  4.        Special offers from the developer for making purchases

Prominent features of Talking Angela

Talking Angela is a virtual pet that has a style which can make everyone happy with its antics. There is no age restriction on this virtual talking game thus people of any age can enjoy it equally. From infants to toddlers and adults, anyone can experience the fun and laughter through this game. Some prominent features of Talking Angela are below.

Repeats your talk and actions

The main feature of the game is that whatever the player says to Angela, she repeats it after them. This makes it very funny because the transition can bring in a lot of laughter and fun to the players. Besides, you can tap on the screen and let Angela do some actions as well such as tapping on the head and many more.

Full bath and makeover

Players can give a fresh bath to Angela anytime and brush her teeth, hair and get her ready for a fresh start. They can also decorate her home with many tools available in the game. Once she is ready, the players can choose from a variety of food and feed her delicious food items.

Mini games inside the game

Angela boosts a number of mini games inside the game itself. Thus, these mini games focus on testing the reflexive skills and puzzle solving ability of the players. So if you want your kid to learn how to use their motor skills then it is the perfect game for you.

New outfits and dance moves

When it comes to fashion, Angela is as good as everyone in the world. From owning a wide range of outfits to makeup and shoes, she has all in her wardrobe. Thus, she can have makeover anytime according to her desire. Besides, she is very good at learning dance moves so try teaching her steps to her favorite music. She will probably rock the stage with her ballet, k-pop or disco moves respectively.

Exclusive offers by Talking Angela
besides the free version, Angela has an exclusive subscription base offer for those who want to explore more with Angela. These offers are on a monthly basis and give you access to additional gameplay and many exciting features. They payment method is simple and the subscription offer renews automatically every month.

The captain cute monthly offer is one such subscription that offers cute outfits, 4 times extra mini game sessions. Likewise, it also gives unlimited energy for playing mini-games and is only $4.99 per month. So, if you want to explore extra exciting features then don’t hesitate to subscribe to the monthly offer.



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