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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is an action game that is based on the popular manga TV series. It allows gamers to play a lead part rather than simply being a spectator on the screen. There are some spooky and dark cut scenes that true fans will love. Combat within Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom plays out in a huge arena in which players are fighting.

The chance to explore the storyline of the anime is here and it comes with a few unique twists. It closely follows the first season’s thrilling plot and focuses on the adventures of the main characters. Thus, it allows players to enjoy the show’s most shocking, exciting and thrilling moments.

Attack on Titan Gameplay

“The Colossal Titan” came into existence in the year 845 when Erin was only 10 years old. It permitted other Titans to race through the city, since it was big enough to break through the Wall. Carla Erin’s mother was slain by one of Titans.

In the aftermath that happened, Wall Maria was abandoned and humanity was forced to return into Wall Rose. After losing his family, home and even his hopes, Erin vowed revenge against the Titans. His aim was joining the Scout Regiment, so he was a part of in the “104th Cadet Corps. “.

The primary objective of the sport is to take down the formidable Titans which are very difficult. They’re not just massive but also skilled fighters who will take on any challenge to win the fight as well as devour human opponents. This game demands focus of the players to beat the Titans and save themselves.

Key Features of Attack on Titan game

You will be subjected to constant changes in the situation as the battlefield changes from moment to moment. Besides, you will find that every strategic decision you make allows you to take part in new and exciting actions. The “Omni-directional mobility equipment” specially designed for combat with Titans allows you to fly around and over the battlefield. 

Erin will guide his Scout Regiment into territories beyond the Wall and broaden mankind’s horizons. The battlefield changes in real-time as exciting drama unfolds. Thus, you will have to prepare yourself for sudden changes in the gameplay and face many tough situations.


Attack on Titan, an anime that has become a worldwide hit is now available for play on Xbox One.  It’s a war against the man eating Titans as well as Erin and his comrades. Furthermore, the illusion of controlling the story allows players to feel as if they are part of the story. Additionally, the arena contains a variety of traps and obstacles thus you can enjoy as much as you can.

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