The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Adventure Video Game

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Get rid of all your existing games because the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild is going to forget you all of them. Explore a world full of expeditions, discovery and adventure in this latest game in the highly acclaimed series. Moreover, its Nintendo Switch makes your journey more fluid and accessible like never before.

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Explore the vast expanse of fields, forests and mountains of Hurdle to discover the new realm of Hyrule in this breathtaking open-air adventure.  Now, it is portable thus you can take it anywhere and play Link as you want. Download the game for free in 2017 Nintendo Switch or The Legend of Zelda, trademark of Nintendo.

Gameplay of the Legend of Zelda

The Link of Zelda allows you to explore the vast expanse of open space within Breath of the Wild. The Hyrule scenery can be accessed via paragliding, walking or climbing. There are obstacles to overcome in this game such as the effects of weather, hostile environment or even strong enemies. However, the majority of them can be overpowered by fully powerful weapons and armor.

Additionally, there is a physics-based system that allows for imaginative interactions. For example, the cutting of a tree, and using its trunk as a floating platform in the river or setting fire to grass with flames and dispersing the fire through winds. Experience a wide variety of actions sequences and witness the most mind bending situations.

File Information about The Legend of Zelda

Version: 2017

Updated: 3rd march 2017

Size: 14.4 GB

Developer: Nintendo R&D4

Genre: Action adventure game


Breath of The Wild was launched simultaneously on March 3rd, 2017 in the world to Wii U and for Nintendo Switch. It was later available online on February 1 2018 for PCs as well. Moreover, this is the last Nintendo Wii U-exclusive game. Now, you can download and install the Legend of Zelda on PC as well as Android mobile devices.

Is Zelda Breath of the Wild worth it?

Breath of the Wild is absolutely still worth playing in 2021 after experiencing it. You can still buy it if you’re looking for a Switch game with a rich, artistic landscape and challenging gameplay.

How many hours of gameplay is Zelda Breath of the Wild?

It is almost no surprise that Breath of the Wild is the longest Legend of Zelda game to date. Players can technically jump straight to Calamity Gannon but a normal play through will take about 50 hours.

What is the longest game ever?

Sydney-based sales manager Okan Kaya has broken the record for the longest videogame marathon by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for more than 135 hours.


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