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Thumper is a rhythm-based violence game that combines the classic theme of rhythm, blazing speed as well as brutal force. In the game, you are stuck in the outer space where no human life is there to help you out. Truly, it is one of those games where you will still be thinking about it long after you have finished playing it. 

It’s a game of horror disguised as rhythmic action with a fast-paced journey through an abstract world full of alien creatures, performed to a dark orchestral soundtrack. Moreover, there are a surprising number of precise moves which are possible to make it more interesting.  These moves are executed with brutal physical violence and speed that gives an exhilarating feeling of terror. 

Standing Features of Thumper

Honestly, it is easy to learn but difficult to master because Thumper can do a lot with only a tiny amount of input. It’s an interesting combination that demands repeated plays in part due to the complexity of each level. This game does an excellent job of introducing players to the basic mechanics which are the basis for the layers of challenges that become more difficult with each stage.

The game boosts nine levels to Rhythm Hell where you can literally enjoy the most spine chilling experiences. With each stage, the game becomes difficult and thrilling which makes it difficult for people with a faint heart. Mainly, the boss battles include frightening crashes where survival is only possible for the best players. 

Moreover, there is only one button and one stick to play the game. You will come across a euphoric visual experience when fighting for your survival. To top it all, Brian Gibson of the noise-rock group Lightning Bolt composed the original score of the game giving it an authentic soundtrack. Enjoy all the nine stages of the development of the track and experience the horror of the game.


Thumper is a rhythm game that involves a lot of violence to survive among aliens. It includes optional VR support available on Oculus, HTC Vive, as well as PlayStation VR headsets. If you are someone who is looking for spine chilling thrill then you will find it very interesting. Moreover, the game was launched from Drool in October of 2016 for Windows as well as PlayStation 4.


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