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Racing motorcycles becomes more fun with tourist trophy  apk tt racing game that gives you real-life like experience. Originally it was released in china and now can be accessible throughout the world. This European motorcycle racing game is a dream comes true for all bike racers who want to enjoy virtual motorcycle racing through their gadgets.

The essence of tt motorcycle racing comes to its fullest when you start playing this game. With excellent graphics and technology, it is made to perfection for bike racing. It can be called the real riding simulator because of the vast number of racing courses and sports bikes. These bikes list vary from leading companies like Honda, Kawasaki, BMW Motorrad, and Ducati etc.


Tourist Trophy

It is a game that will definitely give exciting experience to the riding enthusiasts.  A total number of 35 courses and more than a hundred sports bikes add to the fun package of this game. Thus, it gives a perspective to enjoy the game to its fullest with perfect handling and riding features. Moreover, the game is a win if you have that riding bud in you which satisfies your curiosity.

Likewise, this tourist trophy riding simulator has many exciting versions that has a number of added features. These features include extra bikes, new gears, and bonus background music tracks. Similarly, it also has special visual effects, bike profiles for making your own design and an additional Semi-pro. With all these features, it makes you prone to becoming a daily player of this game.

How to download and install tourist trophy

By now, you must be eager to download this game and experience it yourself. So, we will not make you wait anymore and will give you the steps to easily download and install this game. After all, we also want you to enjoy the unique courses in it.

  1. First of all, click on the download app button.
  2. When you click on it, the download will start automatically.
  3. Once the download is complete, search the setup file in your PC.
  4. Click on the file, unzip it and click on install option.
  5. Finally, the system will install the game and you can enjoy it as much as you want.

Tourist trophy apk download File Information:


Prominent feature of tourist trophy  apk

Below are some of the best features that make this game stand out among its competitors. Moreover, they will also help you in understanding the game in a better way.


The arcade  provides gaming options like playing with three AI opponents like a real game. Thus, this makes it interesting and will help you in unlocking many features and update your game.

 tourist trophy  apk

TT  is a little difficult when you want to achieve targets and win exciting events. However, it does not need any money or coins and instead gives you instant prizes such as bikes and new challenges. It also helps in taking your experience a notch higher by enabling you to unlock arcade .


This  contains a number of options that can be used to track motorcycles during the game. These options are “Strict Judgment”, a 10 second speed penalty and a “blue line” that assists you to take the fastest route possible in the game.


This will give the players to test the skills of the players. These challenges will award the tt race winners with new bikes when they beat any opponents.

Driving School

It is similar to other games that become difficult with the challenges of going ahead in the game and adds speedway motorcycle racing. By obtaining all these trophies, they will award new bikes with exciting features such as motorcycle tourism to the players.

Best Shot

It is another great feature that allows you to take screenshots and save it in your flash drives. You can print such pictures to save the best moments of your game for adding value to your gaming experience.


Unlike “Best Shot”, the “Photo “‘ is totally adjustable thus you can make changes to the photos easily, improve, you can customize the photos by turning on various parameters like camera angle.

Theater and Time Attack

Theatre and time attack are two more features that leads you to save the game replays of other players. Thus, you can watch these tt history replays and use them for attacking your opponents and making you a good player.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does tt stand for in racing?

TT stands for tourist trophy which is the most famous motorcycle racers game throughout Europe.  This game is sight for all the motor bike lovers who want to enjoy riding races.

What is tt racing?

TT racing is your ultimate motorbike racing that includes many courses along exciting features. Thus, it is a dream for racing enthusiast around the world.

What does tt stand for in Isle of Man?

In motorcycle race, Isle of Man, tt stands for tourist trophy. This is the game which originated from this place and is now available throughout the world in its virtual form. So that everyone can experience the happiness that this game brings to its players.

Where is the Isle of Man race held?

The motorcycle racing event, Isle of Man tt motorcycle race was held in 1907 in a place that is between England and Ireland. Moreover, that course is still famous for its beautiful landscape and drag racing trophies with environment.

What does cc mean in racing?

CC in racing refers to the engine size of the bike. If the cc is big then the bike will be faster and more exciting. On the other hand, a low cc bike will not be as fast and fun as a higher one.


A new design that is inspired by real physics and modeling bikes is one of its outstanding features. Moreover, it has a blend of beautiful graphics that makes it alluring to the players and makes it a master piece among the famous tt riders community.

With a feature to select riding gear even with the slightest change in riding form, it has all that a rider can ask for in a game. Thus, we would recommend trying this absolutely fun game and leaving us your positive response on our website regarding tourist trophy 2017.



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