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V Express Courier provides a technology platform to track cargo from pick-up to delivery. The services are guaranteed with no pilferage or any shortage, there is tracking facility available for the busy clients and all the deliveries are on time according to the commitments. Indeed with the help of V Express  businessmen can expand their businesses nationwide.

Vxpress is the branch of Vijay Transport Limited that was established in 1958 by Shri Kunverji K. Shah. Moreover the company is iso 9001; 2015 certifies, follows all the systems and procedures that are according to the policy of the other branches. They have modern, well equipped infrastructure with latest technological advanced system because its aim is become number 1 logistics service provider. The secret behind success of V Express Courier is self-belief, efficiency, safe and timely deliveries and commitment to their work.


Here Vxpress also facilitates its honorable customers with tracking facility so that there is no tension or doubt in their minds. You can track your consignment by:

  • Open the official website of vexpress
  • There will be heading “TRACK YOU SHIPMENT”
  • Below it enter the shipment number in the empty box
  • After entering the number press “TRACK”
  • All the details will appear before you

V-Xpress efficient delivery


Services and Facilities by V Express Courier

Vexpress provides the following facilities and services:

Express Logistics

Vxpress provides logistics facilities to different industries taking great care of timely deliveries and giving tracking services as well. Hence for easiness of the business partners the company delivers cargos in three modes:

  • Road Express Logistics

They have well trained fleet for road express logistics they are committed to offer on timely deliveries to all people. Definitely Vxpress has their own fleet that has GPS system installed in them. The vehicles are closed, waterproof that protects cargo with zero percent chance of any damage plus if clients want to avail value added service for smooth happenings then he can go for it.

V-Xpress - Express Logistics

  • Air Express Logistics

As the main aim of the company is to offer services with zero percent pilferage so that is why it offers air express logistics. Therefore all the deliveries that are time-sensitive, important, can be easily damaged and temperature sensitive so those deliveries are accomplished by air.

  • Rail Express Logistics

Vxpress has vast system of railway services and it provides affordable transport facilities to all customers. Now they have also increased two stations for the easiness of people so that they have easy and quick access to logistics facilities. They network is efficient, fast, quick and secure by every means.

V Express Courier Advantages

Above all the company has huge and vast network all over India to cope up with the needs of flouring industries. All the branches of Vxpress are functioning 24 7 to collect and deliver cargo with high accuracy and speed. Thus providing tracking system to calculate the plans of routes and supply accordingly.

Other Services

  • There is control room 24 hours active to monitor consignments, shipments and deliveries
  • GPS system is attaches to all vehicles for exact information and location.
  • All the information is directly shared with all the branches.
  • There is toll free number for our dedicated customers.
  • Vxpress has trained executive for resolving all problems and queries from customers or clients.
  • Each and every system is technologically advanced so that is why everything is handled perfectly.

No Pilferage

The number one priority of the company is to protect the shipment of its dear customers. There is 100 percent guarantee that no damage will be done to the cargo or consignment and will be delivered on exact time. Indeed employees are working 24 hours to ensure security, there is gps system being installed and transportation is efficient to deliver everything safely.

Value Added Services

Vxpress also offers value added services: customers can pay after receiving delivery, they will receive e mail directly after collecting consignment and door to door facility is there, 24 hours service is available for every type of issue or service, gps system is installed, fleet is efficient, safe and specialized so that is why hardly any issue is created.

Pickup Service

Vxpress is fully aware of the fact that in 21st century people are busy so much that they hardly get time for anything. So that is why it is offering pickup service all across India according to which the customer has to made online pickup request. After they make request the employees will instantly act upon it and door to door delivery will be ensured at highly economical rates. 

Express Package

Hence this is a type of service by which a client can sent small parcels and packages according to your time demand. All this type of deliveries are speedy, extra care is provided and costs are also reasonable. Above all costs can be customized to reach your cost and requirements.

Contact Us

Address: Unit 7, second floor Corporate park, Chembur, pin-400071

Phone: +91 22 27594444

Fax: +91 22 61040700

Email: [email protected]

Branches of Vxpress

Jamnagar Branch

Address: plot number 216, GIDC phase 2, dared Jamnagar-361004 India

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9374316670

Nasik Branch

Address: D 35, near shyam sunder hotel, opposite pragati udyog M I D C, satpur pune 422008 India

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9326886521

Satara Branch

Address: House number P 92, near shivneri hotel MIDC, Satara Goa- 415004 India

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9372029419

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I check the status of my consignment?

For checking the status of your consignment just visit the official website of Vxpress. Enter the docket number in the box under “TRACK YOUR CARGO” to check the status of the cargo.

Q2. How do I know if there is service for a particular location?

In order to know about the service for particular location you can check branch location from the website. You have to search branch based on region, state or region.

Q3. How do I schedule a pickup online?

In order to schedule a pickup online you have to send a request online on the Vxpress website.

Q4. How to become business partners of Vxpress?

You can become business partner of Vxpress by sending email to [email protected].

Q5. I want to contact Vxpress, please tell me the different alternatives to contact?

You can contact Vxpress by following ways:

  • By call on toll free no 9870242243
  • By email at [email protected]
  • Visit website for branch locations and phone numbers

Q6. How to find out the rate charged/transit time, before booking a consignment. How can I do that?

For finding the rate charged and transit time you must use “RATE FINDER AND DISANCE CALCULATER” on the website.

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