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Velex Logistics Courier tracking powered by track courier online status tracking tool provides you up-to-date tracking information as well as expected delivery dat Sending a parcel through Velex courier and keeping yourself aware of its time to time update is now possible. Now, you can check where and through which routes the parcel goes until it reaches the destination. So, you can trace and track your packages anytime on your devices. 

It is a fast, reliable and secure way to monitor your courier package through the Velex courier tracking service. This service enables you to know about the current status of your parcel and give you authentic information on when and where it is at the time. Thus, you won’t need to visit a customer service for delivery information and can check it live from your home.

Velex Logistics Courier

Velex logistics is a client centric organization that struggles to provide many services like Velex tracking to its clients. From time to time, they add new services to facilitate their clients and give them the best experience of their services. Tracking is just one aspect of their efficient customer service which makes it a choice of many people in India.

With a tracking service, you will not need to worry about the delivery status of your parcel. All you need is a consignment number also known as parcel booking number for tracking your orders. This number is usually a 14 digits numeric code and sometimes alphanumeric in nature as well. Thus, consignment number will help you in finding where you parcel is and when it will reach the delivery location.

Steps for tracking Velex courier

The following easy steps will let you find the Velex tracking status of your parcel online without any tiring visits to the office. Moreover it will make the delivery process much easier to understand and allow you time to monitor the parcels virtually.

  • The first step is to take out the receipt and note the consignment number from it.
  • Now, go to the top of your screen and look out for a search box which says ‘enter consignment number’.
  • Enter the consignment no in this box and click on the ‘search’ button next to it.
  • Once you click on this button, wait for a few seconds so that the system redirects you to the information page regarding your parcel.

Note: In case you have lost the receipt, you can call the helpline by providing specific information and they will give you the consignment number. Besides, you cannot track your order without a consignment number so always keep it safe with you.  

Services by Velex Logistics Courier

Velex offers many services that help its customers in getting the best of their orders. These services add great value to the company and builds up trust among the clients.

Package for high-volume transactions

Keeping in view the need for high volume cargoes, Velex has prepared special solutions for such clients. They offer large transportation with cost effective and efficient on time delivery of such cargoes.

Specialization in E-commerce business

Nowadays, e-commerce is rising with a boom and needs delivery services that can cater to the fast service of e-com. Thus, they have many options to choose from when dealing packages for e-commerce delivery services. 

Partnership through technology 

Technology such as Velex tracking online facility helps in finding easy solutions to people’s problems. So, the company has incorporated it to increase their efficiency of different operations.

Customized solutions

Custom offers are another great feature of Velex couriers because they can help clients in choosing the best offer for them. The needs of every customer are different and thus they can custom design their delivery package and save time and money.

Large networking and warehouse

It has a large network that is expanding day by day and is adding new offices and branches to facilitate customers. Moreover, they have a large setup of warehouses to accommodate all the goods in a safe place. So, that they can reach safe and damage free during transit.

About Velex Courier

Velex courier is a subsidiary of the Velex logistics that was established in 2013 under the Company Act, 1956. With a great deal of professionals, the company aims to provide excellent courier services to a wide range of clients. Thus, you may have any courier need and they are there to provide you the best offer. Thus, they offer to deliver your orders easily in time along Velex tracking.

From a day to day normal delivery to huge business consignments, they cater to all your delivery needs. Now, you don’t have to worry about your parcel because of the online Velex tracking facility. This facility makes it even more reliable for you to choose Velex and deal with your shipment needs. Due to all these, this company has built a reputation among the top logistics companies.

Contact details

There are many ways to contact Velex Logistics Pvt. Ltd and get customer support from them. Adding to this, they offer in-office help desk and online assistant via email and phone calls. So, you can try on any of these methods and get your information regarding Velex tracking courier service. 

Phone Number: 8108102117/18/19
Email: [email protected]
Headquarters Address: Jay-Antariksh Bldg., 2nd Floor, Office no.206, Andheri East, Mumbai, India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I track my Velex Courier?

You can find Velex tracking here by entering the consignment number in the search box and clicking on the track here button. Thus, it will show you the tracking status of Velex courier.

Q2. What is Velex AWB?

It is a consignment number which is a unique no that is there to identify your parcel easily. Moreover, it is always one specific number and is different from all other consignment numbers.

Q3. How do I contact Velex Courier?

You can contact Velex courier through email and voice call by connecting through the following numbers and email address. Phone Number: 8108102117/18/19 Email: [email protected]

Q4. How can I track my courier?

It is easy to track your courier with the help from our website. Just click on the specific logistics tracking link and add your consignment number. As a result, your Velex tracking details will be on the screen immediately.

Q5. What is Air bill number?

It is a cargo number that is given to parcels that goes through Velex courier services. This number makes it easy to recognize and track your order easily.

Q6. How can I track a courier without a tracking number?

You cannot track a courier parcel without a tracking number. In case you don’t have it with you, please visit a customer service center for getting the parcel number.


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